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    AndreiMirfi reacted to Shagger in I'm officialy done.   
    Congratulations buddy.
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    AndreiMirfi got a reaction from ZandraJoi in New Person   
    Welcome! 😄
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to Shagger in What would you like to see added to the forum?   
    I've never known of a forum that would allow account deletion. Even if an account is no longer being used, there's a number of reasons why it still has to exist.
    It's not a practical thing to implement. Suspending, restricting and banning accounts is already available and deleting an account completely would delete all of that individuals posts including topics they started, so other peoples posts could be lost as well.  It can cause issues with security as it could free up previously banned e-mail addresses and posts already made from a "deleted" account would also be impossible to reference and track. Not to mention if the individual behind the account decided they wanted to come back they would have to pass the security check again and start from zero posts.
    The only pieces of personal information that is stored on VGR is an e-mail address and the forum password and they are secure. That's why when bots and spammers attack the site they have to leave links for you click on because it's difficult to get what they need from the site on it's own. Still, as well as the staying safe online advice posted on VGR, here is a couple of tips to ensure that there is no risk to abandoning an account on VGR if you, or anyone, does not want to participate anymore.
    Use a unique password for VGR. If in the unlikely event your VGR login info was stolen having a password that you only use here will keep other accounts and services you use with that e-mail safe. If you ever decide to leave VGR, change your password to something unique before leaving the site behind. If you go to a log in page for anything, not just VGR, always check the URL of the site before logging in, especially if opening the link from an email. This is good advice for everything you may do online. If something doesn't look right (odd characters, a word misspelled), do NOT log in. Delete cookies for the site from your browser. This will mean someone using the same computer would have to input the password manually to log in again.  
    So whilst account deletion is not something that is likely to ever be implemented here, please be assured that there is no reason to be concerned. We want our door to always remain open for people to come back and even if they don't, their contribution is still a valuable and important part of the communities' history and should be preserved.
    I hope that helped you out @AndreiMirfi, but if you or anyone else has any further questions on the issue, please let either myself or @DC know and we'll do our best to help you.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to The Blackangel in Do you like reality TV shows? Why or why not? If so, which ones?   
    The only real thing about reality TV that is good is when a reality show dies.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to Empire in What is something popular now that annoys you?   
    Vegans on social media. It’s like every single post they make is required to mention the fact that they’re vegan. Nobody cares, nobody is impressed, you’re not better than others so just shut up and eat your kale and tofu in silence.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to killamch89 in Last Game Played   
    NFS: Heat
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to killamch89 in Does anyone else always adjust the volume settings in games?   
    Totally relatable - I find that in most of those instance, I normally turn it down low enough to hear them clearly. On the other hand, when I'm playing alone, depending on the game, it may be cranked pretty high.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to killamch89 in How do you save up money for gaming?   
    Pretty wise to do this on the holidays. The best sales do tend to come around Christmas.
    That's totally acceptable if that's how you want to approach it.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to killamch89 in What time do you go to sleep?   
    I'm not sure why but I seem to can do perfectly fine with just 5-6 hours of sleep everyday and I'm full of energy all  day. I normally go to bed at 11 but for some reason don't fall asleep until 12am lol.
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    AndreiMirfi got a reaction from killamch89 in What time do you go to sleep?   
    I don't know why, but at 12AM I just can't resist anymore and I sleep. 
    Everyone says because I'm a matinal person, and it's true! I wake up at 9AM.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to Shagger in Are there Competitive Racing Games?   
    The simple answer is yes. There's a lot of Esports teams that compete on racing sim' games covering all sorts of motorsports, include teams representing actual racing teams like Mclaren, Red Bull and Williams. As for getting involved, that's not a question I can answer and, to be honest, you're asking the wrong place. The best any of us can realistically do is Google it the same questions you should be asking. 
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to killamch89 in Community Chat #1   
    I was only kidding by the way - school exams are the best part of the year if you're prepared and the worse part if unprepared. I always hated going to classes when I was younger but I didn't mind the exams at all.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to killamch89 in When watching TV do you have the light on or off?   
    Me personally, most times it's with the lights off. As a matter of fact, I only turn back on the lights when I'm looking for something like the remote for instance.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to killamch89 in Has a PC game ever blew up your PC?   
    So you plugged it out or did you call the police and tell them your PC has turned into a ticking time bomb? XD
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to killamch89 in Illogical in-game situations that make you laugh?   
    Those NPCs are extremely aggressive. I mean, have you seen how they actually drive. Why isn't the police in-game chasing after them?
  16. Sad
    AndreiMirfi reacted to killamch89 in Most Creative Music Videos Ever   
    I really like Daft Punk. It's so sad to see that they're going to break up but life goes on.
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    AndreiMirfi got a reaction from killamch89 in Most Creative Music Videos Ever   
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    AndreiMirfi got a reaction from killamch89 in Funniest Music Videos Of All Time   
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    AndreiMirfi got a reaction from killamch89 in What are you listening to right now?   
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to killamch89 in Video games with fast beginnings   
    It always starts out with a police chase or some kind of race where the police are in pursuit of you. I always wonder how comes so many characters can end up in the same situation lol.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to ZandraJoi in Favourite streaming service?   
    We just have Netflix. We recently dropped the DVD portion as they didn’t have enough of what we wanted. Didn’t save us much money but it’s something. We’ve had it for years & is the only streaming service we’ve tried. I have however researched some alternatives out there i.e. Hulu.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to The Blackangel in What social medias do you use?   
    I’m all over YouTube. I actually have 2 channels. One though is something that I only share with select people. The other only has 2 videos on it.
    So I would count YouTube.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to michaelwilson in What social medias do you use?   
    Instagram, Facebook, Telegram.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to The Blackangel in What social medias do you use?   
    I have a channel on YouTube, but I only have 2 videos on it. They're not game related, but they're up.
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    AndreiMirfi reacted to Reality vs Adventure in What social medias do you use?   
    Facebook is nosey
    Twitter is hair salon gossip
    Youtube is for fun
    Instagram is for work
    Humans like to feel important. But at the end of the day, nobody really cared. 😫
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