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    StaceyPowers reacted to Kane99 in Is there a game you keep discovering deeper layers of meaning in?   
    Yeah, that's the brilliance of Spec Ops: The Line. It's meant to be about the horrors of war and how it can effect people's minds. It's one of my favorite games, because it shows war as extremely awful. 
    Anyway, as for other games, there are a lot of games that try to hide meaning into their games. Sometimes it's over-looked by fans, or completely missed. 
    I think Silent Hill 2 (spoilers ahead) has a lot of symbolism and hidden meaning. The whole point of the game is that James is kind of an awful person. He fantasized about other women as his wife was dying in a hospital bed, but he was also responsible for ending her life sooner. I heard Pyramid head is a symbol of James. 
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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from Reality vs Adventure in Amazing Details in Game Environments   
    In Skyrim last night, I realized I was “going through the motions” rather mindlessly on a quest, and that the experience was becoming repetitious. So, I randomly looked at a tree stump and thought, “playthroughs don’t have to be repetitious; I can stroll over and examine this tree stump right now.” So I did, and was quite startled when I saw ants moving all over it. I never noticed ants crawling on stumps on any previous playthroughs, and I’ve been playing this game monthly for years. It was a cool moment.
    What are some small details like these which you have spotted only after a long time in a game environment?
    @kingpotato @killamch89 @skyfire @The Blackangel @Alyxx @DylanC
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Reality vs Adventure in Most heartbreaking moment in a video game?   
    They say bad seed never dies. Every now and then, one falls through the cracks. There's a lot of abusive fuckers out there that need to fall through those cracks. 
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Reality vs Adventure in Most heartbreaking moment in a video game?   
    AC Odyssey, I had a lion who fought with me through everything. Major battles, skirmishes, skilled mercenaries, and went on travels with me. It was always there. All them pics I took. All the moments together. Then I was on some castle walls up in a mountain. I jumped off and the lion jumped after me and died. After all that, I wanted it to have a glorious death, but followed me off the edge. I was heartbroken. I don't know if I can ever love such a wonderful beast again. 
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    StaceyPowers reacted to The Blackangel in Most heartbreaking moment in a video game?   
    Yes there was something in RDR2 that broke my heart. I'm not going to say what, as I hate spoilers just as much as everyone else here. But suffice it to say, it was completely devastating.
    Maybe the fact that everyone in the game felt like actual family for me played a part. I know when I finished the game I felt like I had lost the only family I had ever known, and like I had lost someone I loved. So maybe I was too emotionally invested in the game.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to ARx182 in What game will you never play again?   
    Every FIFA game prior to the release of FIFA 21. I usually throw away old FIFA games once the new one is released, it improves (even if it's minor) every year so why play the old ones again. 😝
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    StaceyPowers reacted to The Blackangel in What game will you never play again?   
    Goblin Sword is one for me. It didn't end, it just stopped. I cleared every area, collected every armor, relic, and collectible, and it stopped. There was no climactic end to the game. Just a stop. It was fun as hell up until that point. I beat every boss in the game, and it just stopped. It feels like the developers lost interest when they were making the game, and just said "fuck it, we're done". I haven't played it in forever.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Shagger in Ask Shagger   

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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from AndreiMirfi in Ask Stacey   
    In addition to the one I have? Whichever I can turn around and sell for the largest amount of $$$$.
    It's amazing :) 
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Shagger in Ask AndreiMirfi   
    What's your favourite way to eat potato?
    (I ask weird questions, it makes people notice me. Don't judge)
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    StaceyPowers reacted to The Blackangel in The Witcher 3's storyline is too long according to devs   
    I'm in the same boat as @Shagger on this one. It's a beautifully designed game, but I just couldn't get into it. I tried several times, but it just couldn't get its hooks into me. So it sits in my Switch case just "collecting dust" so to speak. I would consider selling it, but when I do that I always regret it. So I'm just going to hang on to it. I may try again to play it later.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Shagger in Ask Shagger   
    Well, looks like I've kinda dropped the ball here, a few new questions I didn't even notice. Well, let's just clear these up.
    Well, the last character I've played as at the time of posting this is my latest light armour/sword and bow build in Oblivion. It is a female, an Ainmhi. A rave of people that are somewhere between Khajiit and human. That race isn't a part of the base game, It's part of a mod I installed to enhance the character creator. And now that I stop to look at her...

    ... I suppose she is kinda cute. So maybe, if she was real, I would consi...

    ... on second thought, never mind. 
    I'll change my mind in about 5 minutes, but my top 10 in no particular order;
    Horizon: Zero Dawn The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The Last of Us 1 and 2 Burnout 3: Takedown Metal Gear Solid Franchise Final Fantasy 10 and 12 Tales of Berseria Perfect Dark  Shadow of the Colossus Skyrim  
    An interesting question because I live in Scotland, a country famous throughout the world for its natural beauty, but in fact only has one National Park, The Cairngorms, and I've never actually been there.
    But yeah, I would love to visit Yellowstone.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to The Blackangel in Ask Shagger   
    Vesuvius, Fuji, and St. Helens all allow climbing pretty much year round. The biggest risk is altitude sickness, but the only of those 3 that I saw a mention of it was on Mt. Fuji. You could also travel to Yellowstone National Park. It's laying directly on top of a super-volcano. It's the only super-volcano I can think of at the moment, and if I remember correctly, it's also the largest. One eruption from it, and we're extinct, type volcano. I don't know much about volcanology. My interest is astronomy. I'm absolutely fascinated by the universe. Planets, exoplanets, black holes, nebulae, super novae, neutron stars, galaxies, all of it.
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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from Gamertotheend in To those that go specifically for first person games   
    Third person: I'm floating over someone else's shoulder awkwardly as the world spins around me, a million miles from the action. And everything around me is so small and hard to see.
    First person: I'm the person in the game, seeing through my own eyes, immersed in the action, and things look like they do in real life.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Shagger in To those that go specifically for first person games   
    Because it's the same perspective on one's actual sight, it can feel more immersive and real. For shooters especially, I'd say it feels more accurate as well. It's not an easy thing do well, though, not nearly as easy as people think. Because it matches a real world perspective, the slightest flaw in character animations, control, movement dynamics or reactions from the environment are more the more noticeable. The smallest things can really be immersion breaking
    For example, I started playing Fallout 4 on PC the last couple of days and I play the game mostly in 1st person (In this game, you switch between 1st and 3rd). One of the things I noticed right away was the way the character holds his/her gun while not shooting. It's something that really odd looking while standing still, but's it's especially odd while moving the character. The gun is held upright, straight out in front of it were a standing shot. Thankfully, I could install a mod that changes the animation so that the character then held the gun down and close to body and it looks way better.
    Here's a vid comparing the two.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Shagger in Weirdest Game You've Ever Played   
    I might think of something else later, but the one that comes to mind right now would be Catherine on the PS3/XB360. It's a dark, seedy tale, told within the nightmares of a troubled yound man torn between the feelings of commitment to his current love and the temptations of a new beauty on the scene and... it's a puzzle game.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to The Blackangel in Weirdest Game You've Ever Played   
    What's the weirdest game you have ever played? For me it would be A Boy And His Blob. It's a crazy NES game. Basically you're adventuring with a blob of (I don't know what) to save the blob's planet (Blobonia) from an evil emperor. To get around you have to feed the blob different flavor jelly beans to turn it into different things like ladders, umbrellas, and jacks just to name a few. Oh and the blobs name is Blobert.
    For this I would like to ask everyone to try to stay away from big franchises if you can.
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    StaceyPowers got a reaction from Shagger in Forum Mod to Combat Spam.   
    If I had the bandwidth in my schedule, I'd love to, but unfortunately, I don't. Any of the wonderful people you recommended would be great for the job, @DC.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to The Blackangel in Do you mind when games force you to make unethical choices?   
    If that's what we're going for, then I have no ethics within video games. I play Hatred as you know, and have killed everything with a heartbeat in it, including children and animals. The animals I kill quickly, but the humans I take my time with, including the children. I have never raped anyone in the game, except once. It didn't do anything for the game, and took too damn long, so I was bored as hell during it. But when I got back to slaughtering, It was all good.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Shagger in The Last of Us Part II   
    I agree. I think they can do one more TLOU game, but after that it would overstay it's welcome.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to thesaunderschild in The Last of Us Part II   
    I'd love to have an expansion game or full sequel. Due to how the game ended, I do think there's opportunities for Naughty Dog to expand on the series. However, if they did frequent entries like what Capcom does with Resident Evil, I fear they would gradually go downhill because of how quickly they could push them out. Naughty Dog are known for their exceptional quality. Capcom are able to offer greatness here and there. Don't count them out as a whole if they mess up here and there, because they can deliver. But sometimes, they get way too money hungry for their own good.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Shagger in The Last of Us Part II   
    And all I did here was copy the link to the YouTube video and it worked fine. (I just chose a random video)
    You can also edit posts, but only within 10 minutes of posting them (EDIT: like I just did to add the image below). I don't mean to speak for @DC, but I suspect this is a security protocol to stop altering evidence of wrongdoing on the forum. I agree it's annoying that after those 10 minutes, there's no going back, but it is what it is.

    You did mention in an earlier post that the forum could use a spoiler code and on that I definitely agree with you. Try suggesting this and other ideas in the Questions and Suggestions section.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to skyfire in Games with unreliable narrators   
    I get it you are looking at the games where the lead character may be in amnesia or say straying away from the timeline sort, if I am reading it right. 
    Maybe this title is closer to that. 
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    StaceyPowers reacted to Demon_skeith in Games with unreliable narrators   
    I do enjoy games like this, you think you got everything figured out and a major climax happens and flips everything on its head.
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    StaceyPowers reacted to The Blackangel in Low player agency: love it or loathe it?   
    It's different. It strikes me as a bit of a puzzle solving game. I identify with Max really well. I was bullied the same as her, except it was worse for me. But all in all it's a really good game. I'm not too far in it yet, but so far, I have no complaints.
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