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  1. IMO: 7th gen > 9th gen > 8th gen > 6th gen > 5th gen I have 7th gen at the top almost exclusively because the quantity of great games that came out during it. This era was the peak of hack n slash which is my favourite genre. The UI also looks pretty cool and at the time it felt revolutionary and fresh whereas the succeeding gens just felt like the same thing but with slight tweaks. 9th gen next. Whilst it isn't neccessary revolutionary, the enhancements such as haptics, 3D audio and 60fps greatly enrich the gaming experience. 8th gen next. The only improvement is just slightly better graphics and power. They ruined the UI by making it all bland and unintuitive, the fan is really loud and console crashes and freezes a lot. The game selection is also quite mediocre. There are way too many souls games and interactive movie games. 6th and 5th are lower because online was still primitive and rare in gaming. There is no proper online infrastructure, SD resolution, lack of wireless controllers, no virutal store or digital game downloads, etc. I am nostalgic for it and various great games came out during this timeframe but objectively speaking, they have aged quite a lot in the past decade or two and I don't want to let my nostalgia bias cloud my judgement.
  2. Tell me about it. I just stick to cr.mk into a basic special lol. USF4 has to be the most difficult FG i've gotten into.
  3. IMO: Story: Alright, at least up until the GAIA subroutine fetch quests. I didn't like the split into seperate filler narratives surrounding each subroutine, the focus should have been more on the politics of the forbidden west and Sylens should have played more of a role where we unravel the conspiracy around the sons of prometheus and then find out Sylens is behind it all rather than just being told that at the end of the game. The finale is a mixed bag for me. It doesn't really hold a candle to Zero Dawn plot wise although that is a high bar to aim for. Gameplay: A noticeable downgrade from the first game. Enemy machines feel like damage sponges and take FOREVER to kill compared to the first game. Heavies are nerfed so you have to rely on charge attacks to deal any meeaningful damage and stagger them. The new weapons aren't that interesting compared to the weapons introduced in the first game. The super modes feel out of place and it's annoying having to keep going to the menu to change them. It just feels off to me. Misc: The visuals look rough except for certain areas like forests. The cutscene graphics look very nice though. I liked the addition of Gliding but the pullcaster felt incredibly stiff. Swimming/Diving feels like a drag, I don't get why games keep adding them, they're almost universally shitty. The customisation system feels like a step back from zero dawn since you have to level up gear to unlock modification slots. Overall, I found it to be kind of dissapointing. It could have built on the first game better.
  4. Wow that's a lot of games. How long have you been playing FGs for?
  5. I don't mind it as long as you dont have to break your thumb every time like in Bayonetta. Sometimes they can even be quite fun if executed properly. That's just me though.
  6. I am going with Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor Edge. Each one feels so thrilling and satisfying whereas it can feel like a chore in other action games like Bayonetta. I especially like the sequences where you use kunai to climb up cliffs with the bumper buttons.
  7. I can attest to this. It's common to die in like 2 hits in this game kind of like as if you were in a real samurai fight in real life.
  8. My list. I started FGs in 2015 so don't judge. S tier - Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Ultra Street Fighter IV(tbqh my experience greatly flunctuates with this game but when I pick rose I find it incredibly fun) A tier - Mortal Kombat X, Super Smash Bros Ultimate B tier - Guilty Gear Strive, DnF Duel, Injustice, Street Fighter V C tier - Mortal Kombat 11, Injustice 2 D tier - Soulcalibur VI, Super Smash Bros 4 F tier - Blazblue:Central Fiction(felt like corner store guilty gear), Super Smash Bros Brawl, Street Fighter 2
  9. Not really a fan of his screamer gamer style content.
  10. It isn't because it's too niche but more importantly it hasn't officially released yet(it is still in a beta)
  11. Yes but it's really a matter of perspective. To me I find some games overrated like Batman Arkham City, to others some of the popular games I really enjoy like DOOM Eternal is overrated.
  12. I really like his unique playstyle where you can sacrifice health to extend strings and amp up your attributes as well as his moves like forward skill which let you control space easily. Dunno if i'll ever play him seriously in ranked but he's a blast.
  13. I agree on Sonic btw, they've ran out of ideas.
  14. Call of Duty. It's almost impressive how they've managed to just release the same fricking game LITERALLY every year and still have a loyal fanbase willing to eat it up each time. Same applies to a few other mega popular series like FIFA.
  15. Cool. I main Ghostblade(my avi) and also use Berserker in casuals.
  16. It's always been on my radar but not high priority but now i'm considering getting it since i dont know what else to play. Looks cool since its like a samurai assassins creed but I held off getting it because it didn't look like something that would wow my socks off. How is the story and gameplay? No spoilers please.
  17. Don't listen to anyone who says stuff like that it's just weird gatekeeping crap
  18. Yes. Everyone adapts to new standards eventually. I can't really see how else gaming can be pushed forward besides AI gaming.
  19. It was much better when it was simple and clean.
  20. Kingdom hearts. I liked the first one but then it just got too ridiculous and BBS felt boring.
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