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  1. My favourite sport to watch is football (soccer to those in the US) because it’s entertaining for me and I think the goals scored are fun to watch. I don’t watch any other sports generally though.
  2. I’ve not tried Discord on the Xbox but I imagine it’s a pretty awkward experience considering using on apps on the Xbox is difficult and not an intuitive experience by any means. It’d be much better on PC.
  3. I don’t have a favourite search engine, but I do use Google all the time because it’s just better overall. I tried Bing and DuckDuckGo and the results weren’t as helpful or relevant.
  4. No, some games don’t work that’s why there is a different version called Game Pass PC. It’s usually the same as the Xbox version but overall there are a couple of different games on each.
  5. I disagree completely. The ‘old’ generation of gaming was far better. Nowadays we get broken games and micro transactions and a poor experience. Gaming 10 years was way better than it is now.
  6. Zesty

    Punk Rock

    I don't really know any bands I listen to that are 'punk rock' but then again I don't care for genres, I just listen to what sounds good haha.
  7. Zesty

    Squid Game

    I haven't watched it in full but I've seen clips that have gone around social media. To me it's just an adult version of The Hunger Games. It's the exact same principal.
  8. I'm an iPhone fan all day long. I used an Android for a little while a long time ago and didn't like it much but the iOS eco system is just great for me.
  9. I've never gambled on esports and never will. It's too risky and I don't really like it that much.
  10. I think the meta verse is a pretty dumb idea and I definitely won't be joining a meta verse by Facebook.
  11. Zesty

    COD Mobile

    I played it for a short while but I couldn't get into it. COD just doesn't suit a mobile platform. It's best for consoles & PC.
  12. My favourite browser for the PC is Chrome because it's just generally reliable and overall nicer to use.
  13. I think the switch is a fun portable console to play when you want to keep yourself busy. But it's not something to replace a console like an Xbox or Playstation.
  14. Microsoft don't really have any exclusives that are enticing though that's the issue. Maybe they will soon?
  15. I used to love playing Need for Speed games back in the old days like NFS Underground, Carbon & ProStreet. They were fun.
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