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  1. Definitely, Rayman. I mean, sorry, but that game was soooo boring! What in the world was going on there? Anyway, another disappointment was Paper Mario - but I think with a cheat guide - I could have gotten past the first level. Well, that is quite a pathetic story! 😀
  2. Definitely, that was a big one when growing up. I grew up back in the age of cartridges. Anyway, it was simply a make-up for being lazy, really. People should have took care of games.
  3. Seriously, I never use them - or specialty fans - and never have a problem. Well, I don't have a gaming PC - just a PC - and it has gotten hot, but never anything serious. Well, things do overheat on some computers, hence why there is a market for cooling. Hmm, why do certain computers heat more than others? O.K., I'm assuming summertime for temperate zones and tropical areas would be notorious for overheating computers, right?
  4. I love video poker! However, I haven't played in years. Anyway, I got hooked on that - cause I lived on this Pacific Island full of poker houses. The strategy on video poker, at least - is a big bankroll. It's kind of like a biz investment. However, though, comically - who has the cash?
  5. I wonder how much a challenge that used gaming is to the digital market? Well, actually, as you say, the digital market is the powerful one. There's no used PC game market?
  6. Yeah, that was what I was referring to. How about strained eyes? Well, there's glasses for that. Even if young, I wouldn't risk abusive gaming.
  7. Well, the biggest reason is no time. However, also, my connection is via a satellite - and, unfortunately, those connections are fast for movie downloads and surfing - but not gaming. Well, streaming video is somewhat possible - but for some reason, a satellite simply cannot handle gaming.
  8. As I said before, young kids don't work well around games. However, though, with supervision it could be possible. Anyhow, if you got some old Atari system (Sega, Older Nintendo etc..) - maybe the Switch would be similar - you might be able to count on the fact that cartridges would have a higher survival rate - LOL. Nonetheless, I suppose kids could still damage those consoles somehow.
  9. This is funny! I mean, I would say "BAD IDEA". Well, I used to surf the net a lot on the job - and the problem is that it becomes a habit to surf (or something similar like gaming) - and it makes you seem incompetent/lazy. Well, this stuff is certainly a powerful reason for a dismissal.
  10. Where is the traffic coming from? I know to pay for a list from richer nations is somewhat expensive. Did you get all those people for free?
  11. With around 20,000 likes - it looks pretty good! Are you all able to get much traffic from it? How long was this list in the making? https://www.facebook.com/VGRdotcom/
  12. Which is more attractive to you? Do you feel one hurts the other? Do you think video game companies resent the used market? Myself, I doubt if the gaming companies care - cause probably they make enough new sales so competition is not a problem.
  13. There was this obscure true story about some guy who died while gaming. He was a person gaming all the time - maybe only to take a bathroom breaks. Anyway, what do you feel is too much? Myself, I think gaming - and other sedentary things - should be balanced with hard physical exercise.
  14. As probably mentioned somewhere else, I love Nintendo - because it's the only place to find Mario/Donkey Kong games. Anyway, when I say loyalty, that means I search out Nintendo first. It doesn't mean I disregard other platforms.
  15. Animal testing should totally be banned. However, the remark on the wilderness is a bit of hypocrisy - cause you're just asking others to kill for you (grocery store consumer) - assuming you're not vegetarian.
  16. Well, green stuff is a good thing - but it sets back jobs and costs more money. Well, the only way green stuff could gain real power - with conservatives in control (as in the USA) - is if people chose - as consumers - to go green - but fat chance of that!
  17. I like to think I'm a Christian - but I don't follow it morally (go thru selfish phrases) - also, I don't believe in traditional Christianity - as it''s not in sync with true Bible teachings.
  18. Well, death is a big problem. There's now way out of it and people need assurance when they die - and especially when facing the death of loved ones. I mean, one late atheist (on a popular forum) made the smart-ass comment of "Nature doesn't owe us anything.", lol - but, honestly, people are only human and need assurance.
  19. It's sort of a mixed bag. I mean, on one hand, poor immigrants built nations like the US, Canada, Australia - but on the other hand, these nations have become largely "filled up" and recent poor immigrants are simply causing class warfare (poor whites vs poor Central Americans or whoever).
  20. I agree with that sentiment - UP TO A POINT. Basically, it's like this: It's "a boy cried Wolf" thing. Have you ever read the fable? Basically, as long as SJWs continue to police everyone - when something TRULY EVIL comes up - say, a cross burning or something, nobody will care!
  21. Well, comically, I have to say most classic rock, this is, most classic rock played 24/7 - on classic rock stations. 😀 I mean, come on, can't they OCCASIONALLY play a LESSER KNOWN classic?
  22. Well, that's just Radical Islam. You can't group it with the rest of it, really.
  23. Myself, I use to enjoy a good American Football game and also soccer, baseball, and basketball. Anyway, playing the game - gets me in the mood for the real game. How about you? O.K., has anyone played less popular games? Well, in the US, Cricket or Rugby would be one of those cause it isn't it the U.K - but I have to confess, I haven't tried those games - nor played the real games.
  24. Myself, I enjoy 3D computer art, but this would also apply to gaming. Well, in both instances, a lot of memory is needed for the graphics - and also good graphic cards. Anyway, where do you buy your memory upgrades? What do you consider a good deal on them? Do you put in the memory yourself - or hire someone else? I mean, from what I heard, it's not difficult.
  25. SJWs-ism seems to be more a joke confined to college campuses. However, as you say, they're moving into "forcing people" into "holier than thou-ism". However, though, as I mentioned in another thread, I'm split on my feelings about this. I mean, on one hand, so much of this "reaping what was sown (years of abuse by a minority of jerks, imperialism, you name it)", but on the other hand, I feel like the current and future backlash is VERY scary - and is almost certain to happen. For instance, looking at the population of Africa, it's exploding! Where will white guilt be then? Well, anyway, if people feel like they need "to be human" - they're plenty free to indulge in degeneracy. I mean, whose going to stop someone smoking cigarettes (hopefully not around kids or babies), making true assumptions that OTHER races are also racist and oppressive, or going to strip clubs?
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