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  1. What consoles have you bought this year, 2022, and last year? How much did you pay? Where did you buy them? What got you to buy them? Do you still have them? Did you sell them?
  2. As for last year, what really strikes you as being great? Do you own any of those games? Is anything worth mentioning as far as your success playing? Did you play online?
  3. What are the best games of 2022 in your opinion? Well, I am speaking of PC and console games. Anyway, do you own any of them? How far have you gotten on them? Do you have any notable successes?
  4. What do you do? Well, I am into forums. In fact, I've had several forums over the years. Most of them were related to music, but some were about math, business, religion, general chat, and art.
  5. Sometimes generic is just as good. Sometimes it isn't. For instance, Sam's Cherry Cola is as good as Cherry Coke and half the price, maybe less. Now, for another example, I have to say name-brand regular cola like Pepsi and Coke doesn't have competition from generic brands. However, if a certain generic brand regular cola is really cold, it still tastes good, but it isn't "as good".
  6. Well, it might seem like I'm jealous, me being a drummer, but I don't like the name Drumeo. They could have picked a better name. There was plenty of better options and domain names available, even for a 10 dollar (around that) .com registration. What do you feel are some bad brand names?
  7. Jayson

    Country and Rap

    You know the blended word is crap, lol. Anyway, that's just a joke. I don't think country and rap always don't go together. Who thinks it's a good idea? A lot of modern country music has used this blend.
  8. Jayson


    I love floor hockey. I'd like to have gotten into ice hockey but it's not available in the USA south that much. Anyway, it obviously takes a lot of skill to do hockey, because for one thing, you gotta ice skate very well. Well, I don't think you have to skate like a figure skater, but you need some skill.
  9. All major sports except golf and a few others are incredibly dangerous. For instance, plenty of injuries can happen in basketball or baseball. Anyway, in that case, let's not do name-calling. Well, there is this American chauvinist thing where soccer isn't seen as being cool - because it's different and not native to the USA. However, though, on the flip side, American soccer is dissed as inferior by a lot of players in Europe, I think. For instance, what do they think of MLS, lol?
  10. Jayson


    I've gotten noticeably different and felt noticeably different. However, it's nothing like Arnold Schwarzenegger or anything. However, you do feel more sexually attractive, lol. There's nothing like having those strong shoulders especially.
  11. It's always fun to see an upset. Big teams need to keep on their toes because victory isn't assured, lol. However, though, sometimes I favor a dynasty to win, like with the 90s Chicago Bulls.
  12. Jayson

    Cricket game

    I've never played and given my location might never. However, as with Rugby, it would be cool to play some video game version. In that case, I could explore it.
  13. I agree with the OP that Michael Jordan was a hero. Anyway, I'm not much into sports, but his story stands out so much. In that case, I researched Wikipedia about it. Of course, the movie Space Jam sparked interest, lol. Well, MJ was a big player back in the 90s when I was in high school and college.
  14. I like the Nashville Titans (NFL) because that's my home state. I like the Nashville Predators (NHL) for the same reason. Both of these teams have gotten really far. The Titans almost made it to the Super Bowl one time, maybe more, and I know the Predators were in the NHL championship, I think. As for other sports, I don't have any real favorites. Well, Tennessee does have the Memphis Grizzlies (NBA), but I haven't gotten into them. Anyway, the problem with all these teams is Tennessee is a big state and both teams are located on toward the western end of the state while I'm in the Northeast.
  15. I don't watch any of it. Well, sometimes I watch the Super Bowl. I could get back into American Football, but other sports are too boring to watch, unless you are playing in the game.
  16. Jayson

    Pub games

    I don't care for ping-pong or darts. However, billiards is a blast. In fact, I'd like to get good at it. Anyway, there is no access to a pool table here, unfortunately. Well, I do want to get a video game of billiards when I get back into gaming.
  17. Jayson

    Rock climbing

    I'm too chicken to do it, lol. I don't know. Maybe I could do it and jump from airplanes. I do like mountain hiking, but rock climbing is some serious danger.
  18. Jayson


    I'd like to try it. However, I'm not interested in getting into it. It looks fun, but not that fun. Well, I don't know. Maybe I could change my mind.
  19. I love American Football as something to watch. It's really the only one I can get into. Well, do you feel like games where there is too much scoring (basketball) and too little (soccer) are fun to watch? Well, culturally, a huge amount of people like soccer, so obviously people get into it.
  20. Casinos and small gambling places are designed so the house always wins. In that case, do you feel this is moral? Is it wise to visit these places? Well, some look with disgust as often hard-earned money is thrown away. Anyway, supporters of gambling simply believe money is something that people are free to do what they want with without moral lecturing. Also, they see it as entertainment.
  21. In the movie, Cape Fear, the bad guy, played by Robert De Niro, brutally assaulted and raped a young woman of 16. However, the defender buried the evidence that the woman was promiscuous. Anyway, the man served 14 years (This is a fiction account.) and was obviously angry and wanting revenge. Well, do you feel like defense lawyers should always do their job totally even when the person is obviously guilty in a most heinous way?
  22. Let me tell you the story leading up to this situation. Well, I wanted to get some groceries from a grocery chain website (e-gift card), and it keeps messing up on my computer. However, I can successfully get Subway e-gift cards. Nonetheless, Subway, though it's good isn't economical as food all the time. Anyway, my next thing is to get gas with some app. However, only Chevron does it and a nearest gas station is too far away. O.K., who has tried to use apps to get food and gas? Have you been able to incorporate PayPal? Who has tried e-gift cards or cards? Have you been able to use PayPal?
  23. Who owns a tablet? What kind is it? How much did you pay for it? How would you compare tablets to cellphones and types of computers?
  24. It would be cool to do this professionally. Well, I don't think there's a professional thing as with regular golf, but there are competitions. I've been wanting to rent out some miniature golf facilities just for practice. Who has done that? Who has done mini golf for money?
  25. It's O.K., but I find miniature golf and pool (billiards) way more interesting. Anyway, I haven't been in a decade or more. I don't really see the appeal. However, I could get into it to make money, lol.
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