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  1. For me it was Sly 2 on PS2, I had no idea what it was with that game but I couldn't put it down. I actually faked a sick day from school to play more of it.
  2. I kind of agree with point 3, but sometimes you also need to show that you do support what they are doing by pre-ordering. Like the upcoming Spyro game, I know its well made and deserves the money.
  3. Super Mario 64 my time, further backed by Zelda OoT. Both games turned the game industry upside down for what games can really do. I actually miss that time of gaming.
  4. I would also add they tend to fit better due to their small and sleek design.
  5. They need to cave and make backwards compatibility for PS3 and PS4 a thing. I know its not a huge money maker but it keeps people on their Playstation system.
  6. Due to family incidents, I've gotten my games early this year. Such games being Super Mario Odyssey, Nier Automa, FF NT and DQ 11.
  7. I shoot my allies all the time in Bops 3 😛 Anyways, I'm still enjoying my free copy of black ops 3, I have no plans of upgrading anytime soon.
  8. Now and then I'll take advantage of Gamestops buy 2 and get 1 free deal, never hurts getting a third one for free.
  9. Are you charging for shipping fees? Might get someone if you offer free shipping.
  10. I'm kind of hoping Nintendo makes another BotW but this time they really fill up the world with something to do every few inches.
  11. I don't mind if there are a few like that, but if I'm still doing the same kind of thing 20 quests later then I'm willing to give up and move on.
  12. I've damaged some controllers and tv remotes, all from raging from some video game cheap shot.
  13. Whats the games? Because I think the 150 is a fair price all things considering.
  14. Far as I'm aware there is a continuing story at play, so you could end up rather lost by jumping at the latest game.
  15. I do hope they fill it with games that haven't seen a re-release. Like no Zelda or anything like that.
  16. Next best thing I suppose, like replacing my entire arm with a robot arm.
  17. There is simply a large open world problem, one which you outlined is that there isn't enough monsters. Other issues is that it takes too long and that the world is void of life. It's great a developer made a huge map, but what is the point?
  18. Hopefully later than sooner, I have the PS4 Pro and I hate to have it outdated yet. Anyways, I want to see performance from the PS5, quick loading games with no lag.
  19. I hope to play this soon, based on the reviews and gameplay its well worth the cost.
  20. Me and a friend attempted to beat it once, but we just ended up with headaches and gave up. I watched some youtube gameplays, its an interesting game, if you know how to work it.
  21. To go around it would mean a lot of $$$$ and that is more they will most likely give up than get back.
  22. Nope and I hope to god I don't, or if I do hopefully mind controls is a thing by then.
  23. I'm going to say.... most likely Super Mario Bros, since I've always played it out on every system it launched for.
  24. Super Mario Sunshine, I never understood the last lava level to get to the final boss. I just could never do it.
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