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  1. It was always a matter of when not if. Though I wonder what really made them cave to the demands of a free to play game?
  2. Hopefully not, some days I don't have internet and still wish to game. But if they do go back I can always rebuy a SNES or N64 and do some good old fashion gaming.
  3. Make sure to run it first, I do believe there is a day one patch for the game.
  4. usually some kind of FPS, back in the day it was Perfect Dark and these days CoD or Destiny can take a lot of my time.
  5. Nope, I pay and play too much to afford to be banned from something. Though I have had a few groups throw me out of a match before.
  6. I want to say MMO based games like FF 14 handle the best, since you have to pay to keep playing a great game that gets loads of new content every few months or so.
  7. by Asymmetrical, do you mean games like No Man's Sky which is just so freaking huge?
  8. Just as long as they aren't over complicated. I enjoy a good brain teaser or something that takes a little thought. Just nothing as major as what Myst had going on.
  9. I also like to say the slim PS2 was junk, a lot of people I know said it never lasted as long as the fat PS2 did. Sony went cheap with it.
  10. What is one thing that games often do or use that you always find annoying?
  11. I'm not very good, I don't have time for them so I only play them at a friend's house and just horribly get schooled every time.
  12. Seems you're western based for your RPGs, if you like JRPGs, then I highly recommend Persona series and Tales of series.
  13. I know my brothers and other relatives upgraded themselves to a slim PS1. My fat PS2 never failed me and by the time I was ready for the PS3, the slim version was all there was. For PS4, I went with the Pro version which I guess is a slim?
  14. After the first launch of every mainline Playstation console launch, it was followed by a slimmer version. Did anyone here ever buy any of the slim consoles?
  15. At this time I do believe it will be Smash Ultimate. Should be a really fun game.
  16. Yeah I'll retract that statement, their work conditions have been leaked and it seems the studio killed itself by working in a Japanese type environment.
  17. I treat my consoles with godly respect! The worst thing that has happened to them is getting too dusty. Sadly I have dropped my handhelds but they work just fine!
  18. That's even if you had internet in the first place. Like me who didn't have it and yet wanted it just so I could play FF 11.
  19. Getting that deal with all DLC is a good one indeed. Wish the states would get something similar to that.
  20. Well sadly not talented enough, but I wonder if MS would pick them up as they need more game makers.
  21. huh, any reason that you know of that they changed the series formula so much?
  22. which one is your favorite? P4 is mine out of them so far.
  23. I don't, but I know some friends who get it and are very happy with it.
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