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  1. You can change it through a program on a PC, but as soon as you hook it up to the PS5 again its going to default to its original color.
  2. I played it up to the point the dragon fell out of the sky or something like that, after that required too much grinding, so I dropped it. Still a fun game though.
  3. I felt like it was a pretty decent year, though you really don't want a year when too many big games drop.
  4. I'm sure it could but be the most funny thing or awkward thing to read lol.
  5. Depends on the game, thanks to my backlog I can wait a good long while and get a game rather cheap or free via PSN.
  6. I certainly get on CoD more if the online gameplay was free and easy to get on, maybe throw some money on the battle pass. But the whole game itself is kind of large to get these days.
  7. Ummm, I didn't get into FF 7 at first but when I got a bit older I enjoyed it.
  8. Nothing coming to mind, but future Batman games will need to step up to cover Mark Hamill's Joker voice.
  9. I forget its name, but there was one when I was playing that frighten me pretty good to the point I hid the game under a few other games lol.
  10. I enjoy exploring, but not too much, need a certain balance and not go too large. If you make things too big, then you just got lots of empty space going to waste.
  11. I have and went dead on me about 2 years later, so heartbreaking 😞
  12. Which whatever is stronger to run it or if I can mod the game for easier playing.
  13. Instead of fighting Microsoft, Sony should use the few years they will get CoD to make their own game that will do better as both CoD and Battlefield seem to be going past their prime.
  14. Demon_skeith


    What made it hard to get into the games? I found it easier to play the video game then collecting the card version.
  15. If they are going to go digital only for this series, they need better compression practices or just tone down the graphics that drive up storage space. Not everyone can download such big data.
  16. Makes you wonder what poor testing the game companies do on their controllers these days.
  17. My custom I made cost little over 2k and my recent one to replace that was roughly 1500. I'll get a better one some day.
  18. I'd say retail but call center is even more degrading, though I guess they are both worst in their own way.
  19. I don't mind them so long as it feels good in the video game, an example of a bad one is Megaman series and a good one is like Sly cooper series jumping.
  20. Not surprised, discs can only hold so much and for a game like CoD, it would go beyond the need of discs. Guess its better to just get it digital.
  21. I still have yet to get it, but I don't play my Switch much or hard, so I may not cause it.
  22. Playing one of my favorite games, just to experience it again!
  23. Whats your favorite season in the Overlord series?
  24. I haven't but I don't use the joy cons either, I just use the pro controller, a bit easier to replace if I do get it.
  25. I wouldn't count esports league, end up not being good and you earn very little to nothing and if you're good you'll just strain your hand to a broken state.
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