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  1. A shame, and given their recent news they could have easily based PSX around changing your PSN names.
  2. I love to see these, but with licensing issues I doubt they could get the rights to do so.
  3. Usually those who 'rush' through games often know what they are doing, have a guide nearby and have a lot of free time to finish it all in one day.
  4. Myst, it's a deep brain thinking puzzle solving game, its impossible to beat without having a notebook next to you and using half of it to keep track of stuff.
  5. I wanted one, but as I looked into what games it supported (it doesn't support all vita titles) I found it just wasn't worth the cost really.
  6. I like the Wario Land games myself that were released on GB and GBA. They were fun and a breath of fresh air in the Mario type gameplay.
  7. I really hope they go out on a limb here and actually make some games for online play. It would be great specially since N64 was made for party people.
  8. Honestly the current specs are fine, they just need to up the ram and back everything with a SSD to increase load times. Naturally that isn't cheap.
  9. I like the custom made games, where people make like a death race track or an all out fight and seeing how people compete against one another.
  10. games aside, I do have issues with my vision and I can only fear something like this may put unneeded strain on them further.
  11. Sony should have gone the extra mile and try and make it a VC download console, where you can keep downloading more games to make it more useful.
  12. Beating all the missions in perfect dark on perfect agent, those were extremely hard and took weeks of trial and error to finally beat them all.
  13. I really love my GBA SP since it was the NES designed one which I got for Christmas. Still have it, not sure if it works.
  14. I haven't tried it myself, but I wouldn't mind giving the upcoming Kingdom Hearts VR a quick play to see what its like.
  15. I think it is here to stay and will become better and better as time goes on. Its not my thing mind you but it's something decent.
  16. I like that Sony did it, but sadden they haven't given a full list. Good as it is, I doubt I will get it unless they announced some more RPGs that I can't get my hands on.
  17. My typical story is that I keep getting into these games late and end up in some over leveled lobby where I spend much of my time getting killed or simply owned.
  18. Well, I do recommend the .hack series, but just know that your playing as someone who is playing a MMORPG. So it is technically a offline game.
  19. I played it for a good while, made a stage or two but sadly its gathering dust now and I really need to break it back out.
  20. Tie for me between the GBA and DS lite systems, both had an excellent amount of games to it and was always fun using.
  21. Like most people from my generation, its Super Mario Bros on the NES. Such a simple game that kept most busy.
  22. I never knew it was a thing, next time I try out a game I'll try using it and see how well it works.
  23. hrmm, can't say I have ever played any kind of game like that.
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