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  1. I know best buy and a few other stores also offered discounts as well for pre-orders all to compete with Gamestop, but I know gamestop some pre-order promotions which is making Amazon and others retract theirs.
  2. Nope not really, I mean there are times that the game I am playing gets a bit draggy but I always look forward to playing the next game.
  3. Its easy enough to emulate windows on linux though to run a game, a bit of an extra step but Linux is just to vast to really develop games for.
  4. Hrmmm, I would say a more suited up engine of what the recent One Piece game uses on the six vs six fight matches.
  5. At least a good year if not two for the pre-order deal. Still if you do a lot of shopping on amazon the $10 credit is good.
  6. I don't stream myself, its too over full for me to really get into. Though I wouldn't mind doing it as a side hobby.
  7. The first one my family got was the NES, the first one I got as a gift was the N64 and the first one I bought myself was the Wii U. A good line of Nintendo consoles.
  8. Not bad for used, I personally would never buy used but if I wanted a better deal I know ebay is a good place to score an excellent deal on used stuff.
  9. Oooh good question, I would say Perfect Dark on N64, I never got tiring playing it since there is so many different ways to play it.
  10. Amazon was an ideal place for getting new games, any new game you got was given a 20% discount but now no longer. I recently got an email informing me that Amazon is no longer offering its 20% discount on any new game pre-orders (which at a typical $60 came out to be $12 in savings) and now will offer a simple $10 amazon credit on any select game per-orders. You can get the full details here: https://www.amazon.com/b?node=17911060011&=vg63_primevideogames_tc_lp_em)_&ref_=pe_6260660_294621830
  11. It depends on the game and trophies. If its something that will require endless hours of grinding I won't bother with it. But if its some classic game and then I will go out of my way to plat it.
  12. Demon_skeith

    Xbox One X

    Nope and never will. Microsoft is lacking a serious library of software to back up their consoles and what do they do? They launch a stronger piece of hardware with still no solid backing of games to their name. It's foolish.
  13. I know they run a buy 2 and get one free deal which isn't bad. But my backlog is just so huge that it does me no good.
  14. I'm fine with buying both, but I much prefer to have physical copy than digital. Though these days I'll buy something of a quick play like a FPS digitally so I can quickly bring it up and something bigger as a physical copy .
  15. Honestly 2019 most likely would have been a good time, but with the release of PS4 Pro they kind of need to extend the age of the PS4 life cycle. So I would say 2020/2021 would be better.
  16. As we near the age of the 5th playstation console, which one of the first four or handhelds was your first Sony system?
  17. Hello everyone, I am the great gamer and anime lover Demon_skeith or you can call me D_S! It's great to be here
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