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  1. I was so uninformed back in the day, I've let a lot of great games slip past me that I regret.
  2. A real shame for sure, hopefully everyone let go can quickly get another job.
  3. Sounds too good to be true, or if it is true then its over flooded and I'm sure it be hard to make anything.
  4. I tried playing this game, but when I did it hurt my eyes to the point they became bloodshot, so I kind of dropped this series. Plus the controls felt stiff.
  5. I'm just going throw Perfect Dark 64 into this, I do believe it had smooth controls but if you weren't careful you could get caught in your own weapon's splash damage.
  6. Demon_skeith


    That dvd player was awesome, specially since the .hack games came with DVDs to play as well. Sadly mine has died but still plays games yet.
  7. I am sad to admit that I did end up renting Superman 64 once and regretted all the seconds I spent on it.
  8. it all depends on how strong the nostalgia is for you when looking at the mini console.
  9. Besides what I've played at a friend's house, I really don't play sports games as I find them kind of boring really.
  10. I try to save as often as I can, yet I still play RPGs that only have certain save spot moments. Specially since the power is known to go off a lot in my area.
  11. As long as they announce Twisted Metal 2 they will being in a lot of fans.
  12. Persona series, Tales of Series, final fantasy and .hack series all have great music. There is always a track a person can enjoy.
  13. they are free to a certain limit, if you want to play too much of it though you got to pay them money to continue.
  14. My brothers got a PS1 that was shared with the family, my parents gave me a PS2 for Christmas and eventually I became old enough to buy myself a PS3 and PS4.
  15. Disagree, it made a great game but would have been a generic movie which would have been lumped in with all other zombie like movies.
  16. Yeah, I saw the news just recently. They are asking a bit much for what they are offering, hopefully they announce some better titles. FF 7 shouldn't be on this.
  17. 90% of the time I play is either at night or late at night, since I work or sleep during the morning and day.
  18. I don't play many, so I'm just going to have to say Zelda BotW for me, granted that's just picking one out of a few that I have played.
  19. I've played a few, for me it would be Final Fantasy 12. The game just sucked Imo.
  20. Usually fighting games or a gun game gone bad. I know I raged a bit tonight because I think I was playing with some over leveled hackers, none of my bullets were hitting like they should have.
  21. I'm sorry what? Are you talking like what Nintendo is doing with their mini consoles?
  22. For the love of god made Shante and shovel knight official characters! A crime for them not to be.
  23. I played one online round, I didn't get far into it. Really wasn't sure what I was doing really.
  24. Hrmm, for me the PS3 had a lot of meh games on it compared to the PS3, I guess what stood out the most for me was The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel series.
  25. Since its free I should take a day and check it out, but I watched some gameplay and looks like a mindless game that I don't need to waste time with.
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