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  1. Sadly less, back when I was a kid I had up to 5 hours to game, now I'm lucky I get 1-2 hours.
  2. Updated specs is all, just so it can better compete with getting more newer games put onto it.
  3. We never owned this console, played it at some other people's houses but in my house it was all Nintendo, since that was all we could afford.
  4. We sold those sega ones in staples as well, I think its just a rip off of the real thing I think.
  5. Sounds like something that the game makers forget to detail more on, but maybe that will be told upon the upcoming new game?
  6. I've seen some gameplay of the first game, looks good so hopefully this will be the same.
  7. I still kick myself to this day, my brother wanted it and I was busy getting into the PS2. Not long after did I get an urge to want to play it again.
  8. I would say any of the Marvel movies, they need some quality games made.
  9. I like to say Final Fantasy, they had a lot of life lessons in them and what it means when you do something and it causes something to happen.
  10. I always enjoyed using Bowser or Wario myself, now that I think about this I badly want to play this again.
  11. The second one was only on the 3DS, I wouldn't be surprised if it gets released on the Switch.
  12. Someone tried spamming this on my forum, I suggest locking this or banning the person.
  13. Hard to say, but I know sony will produce a gaming type device and that's all I want. Hopefully not a Tv because I don't think those should be combined.
  14. mostly any FPS or fighting games that I will pick up whenever I have a free moment.
  15. Back when we had the SNES, the console or the cartridge got a bit old and if you tapped it in the wrong way the entire save file would be lost, the game got messed with once and lost a FF 3 save file that was at the end.
  16. I would say the deadpool video games, since you know its deadpool.
  17. Technically CoD is becoming sci-fi, but I would choose sci-fi games since they tend to be more fun.
  18. I don't use any really, I just have a sound bar behind my tv and no one complains about the sounds in my room.
  19. We still haven't gotten a full roster of games yet, Sony needs to stop teasing and just release it.
  20. That's why I used a guide to cut down on P5's play time. I finished my play in just about 70 hours with most side stuff done.
  21. Best RPG you'll play since the old days when great RPGs were made by Squaresoft.
  22. Any of the PS Tv games list should be supported by the PS3 as well.
  23. Wow, just walked head first into that one huh?
  24. Naturally, they can either make things more fun or save time. In my case I have used game genie on my SNES and PS3 and gameshark on my PS2 as well as any known cheat codes on NES through PS1.
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