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  1. I think it's the amount of hype it got just like the division...although Watch Dogs is nowhere near the crap that The Division was.
  2. I was being sarcastic lol. I know it's Southern English...
  3. That is awesome! Your music sounds like the tracks from Arcade Games I used to play as a kid. The third one is my favorite.
  4. My spirit animal has always been a Phoenix - It pops up in some of my dreams especially when I am going through troubled times and guides me out of it. What is your spirit animal?
  5. I did get taken to the police station a couple times for fighting in high school but then they released me because I wasn't the one who started anything.
  6. I'm sorry - is that English you are speaking? 🤣
  7. Build a Time Machine if you can't wait lol
  8. I mean - I do get free food but who doesn't during Christmas? I need more 🤣
  9. I heard Mexico has nice things to experience...at least that's what my big brother said...
  10. lol What kind of Blog is it and what kind of music do you make? I used to do graphic design work as well...that is how I got into freelancing in the first place but I was always fascinated by animation.
  11. No Food...I am just waiting for the Christmas dinner to be over so I can take my month's supply of food home lol
  12. No, it was actually Solid but Liquid thought he got the inferior genes because Solid constantly bested him. He later finds out the truth...
  13. Right now I'm over at my Mom's house eating some fruitcake. I also snuck out a piece of chicken before the dinner is even served. I am pretty sure she'll notice 🤣
  14. Yeah, there will always be upgrades - I mean...nothing lasts forever so that is a given...
  15. It's an awesome game but just poorly optimized - especially at higher settings. I can't remember having a game that pushes my 1080 TI like that...and that is why I don't play it that often.
  16. So true lol - Especially when a Xenomorph is in the room with you and you're hiding under a table or in a locker - you're like "just go away!" and you're hyperventilating...By far the scariest game I ever played 😭
  17. Back in the days, I and my friends owned monster hunter and we would team up for Monster Hunts - it was epic! It was an awesome handheld device but the lack of support for it is what led to me selling mine.
  18. I am wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you stuff your face with lots of food because I know I will lol. What food item you look forward to the most on Christmas day?
  19. From I was a kid up until the age of 17, I would sometimes play games for 12 hours a day especially on weekends. Nowadays, I can only manage 1-2 hours maybe 3 every now and then because of my schedule.
  20. I agree but Solid Snake is also an inspirational character. He was deemed the weakest of Big Boss' clones because he got his recessive genes yet he proved to be the most dominant and superior of them all proving that genes doesn't make the man - it's his will.
  21. Same Here - I must have built a whole civilization of characters and I still keep going lol.
  22. Deus Ex Human Revolution is also a video game with a lot of replay value and I tend to see stuff that I missed in my first run.
  23. At least 12 cups of filtered water a day. I love drinking water because it helps to boost my energy levels as well as cleanse my system.
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