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  1. Armello looks good. I may have to check it out. I have few other games on the lineup. I may have to finish them before playing this one. Based on the gameplay video it looks good.
  2. Considering the innovation inside the Google is stagnated. They don't plan on making new one though. Google is now new cesspool for SJWs. So it may not release any new social media. And that means people have to be in need for moving to other social networks. I have seen some people moving to diaspora. And I guess it works out for them who knows.
  3. I have mostly used the discord and some of the time whatsapp. Though whatsapp has no gaming integration. But it can be good for the mobile and also in case of the notification bundling and groups it can be pretty good. Teamspeak I didn't expected much used few times. But mostly relied on discord. And I am far away from the skype on that note. I don't want to spend money on calls.
  4. I think pokemon, mario, sonic, mortal kombat. They are kind of releasing same old stuff in new graphics. And they are not always adding the value. And same can be said about final fantasy. Though they are taking more serious approach with the stories. But they kind of release same turn based or FPS style games every release. No idea on how they would proceed with the game from here onwards.
  5. Indeed. The money he made many of us would be making at the age of the 60 or so. I know that these days many gamers make more money. And they tend to do a lot better with their gaming performance. I have realized that some of the time it does pay off. But I kind of thinks what is beyond making that much money where do we go from there and how things go once we have that money from gaming?
  6. I kind of didn't liked the way fortnite is taking the action by suing the organizers. I know that using the copyright and the concept for something you don't own is wrong. but taking them into the court is pretty bad. But then again based on how the event worked out. I guess this festival was not going to be any hit. What do you think fortnite developers did the right or wrong thing sending legal notice? You can read more about this here. https://variety.com/2019/gaming/news/epic-games-suing-fortnite-live-festival-organizer-1203142618/
  7. Yes in fact the processors reviews are good. And they may even catch up more quickly on the gaming front from what I have seen. I guess who knows in near future they may even target other industries. And if they can manage the heat and other issues. Things would be surely making better for both the companies. I think for now this year it is kind of undecided who is at the top.
  8. skyfire

    World of Warcraft?

    I am kind of tired of the WOW and the DOTA franchise. The reason being it can be boring now playing those over and over. And it's not fun anymore. I may play campaigns and it works out. But overall for things to properly work on many small things it can get pretty heavy on the configuration side for other games. So for the sake of nostalgia, I may consider making use of it.
  9. I think high end games require more stronger configuration and things can get pretty difficult with increase in cost.Like you need to be careful while using them. And it means you have to get the better specs that can work out for you. There are some of the specs which often be too much for the box or say even for PC. So I think it all depends on handling and having good specs to last longer.
  10. skyfire

    Pokémon Go

    Yes the reason it was boring was because it added no value. Like say if there were money involved or something like that it could have made more people spend time to play those games. So I kind of thought it was going to end one way or the other. but it opened a lot bigger chances of playing games for sure.
  11. I have recently decided to stream on daily basis. And it kind of gives me motivation towards the gaming and the chance to earn if I have some level of luck. You can see that it can be pretty interesting to stream your games. I have learned to be pretty effective with the gaming. And it all adds some amount of fun in that as well. Another thing is that live.me streaming can be good for earning if people like you. Have you tried live.me streaming for games?
  12. I am stopping most of my Yahoo mail accounts and also the MyWay email accounts. The reason being those email accounts seems to be having more or less issues on the long side. I expect Yahoo mail to be going extinct at this rate. The reason being Microsoft and Gmail seems to be doing lot better these days and they are more secure and have less issues.
  13. I remember atmospheric sound was pretty good in the Homeworld game series. And then there was some interesting game named nightmare creatures. It was definitely something I remember for the sound. Then there were some android games that had some nice music say like Spirits game. And then there is little nightmare that too had some nice music in the background.
  14. Those games still have world limits though they are not really the open world game by definition. Try 'No man's sky'. And you will find that the open world concept by definition applies here. And it seems like fast travelling needs to be used often to even navigate properly. Chances of getting lost are more there. I have not seen that to be the case with RDR2.
  15. You can count far cry and crackdown at the top. They are going to fail. I got totally bored after seeing their gameplay pre launch. I think It can get pretty bad in case of the far cry especially. I also think star wars is going to fail. However I have seen the pre beta gameplay of the days gone. And honestly that is one good game worth checking out.I don't see it is going to fall from what I have seen.
  16. skyfire

    GTA 6

    I think the GTA and few other games have gone pretty SJW lately. So I expect there is going to be that element in it. Because they want to make sales. So they are going to be taking financial risk and try what far cry franchise did. So if they are planning to please the old gamers then they may make decent game, otherwise I don't think there would be much difference in new GTA.
  17. Then you will definitely hate those sites say news site that auto play the news. And they also add the ads into it. And they expect that adblocker should not be used. I have learned that it can be pretty effective to see that adblockers are going to be useful in many places. So I tend to force myself to use the adblocker on those type of the websites. Hopefully people can learn what annnoys readers.
  18. There are many people who don't make it in the video games world. But then there are some gamers who make like millions. It's kind of hit and miss world we live in. Ninja seems to have made millions from the Fortnite. And he seems to be earning pretty good amount of money. Here is the news that you should check out to read more about how Ninja made millions. https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/fortnite-ninja-earnings-net-worth-twitch-stream-youtube-2018-a8707671.html
  19. Amazon after making the stakes in the Twitch has decided to launch it's own streaming service. So it seems like the time to get rich by streaming games and creating guides is here. More and more game players are being approached by amazon to play the games. They want to make this paltform available for PC and mobile. So there won't be the need for the consoles and the downloadable media for such devices. It will 100% cloud platform. What do you think of Amazon getting into game streaming?
  20. There are many android games on the market that allows the microtransaction and the in app purchase. So they tend to give some offers inside the game and expect you to have the in-app purchase option. There seems to be some of the games that have it cheaper and some of the games that require us to play free but expansion or usage requires the micro transaction. Have you purchased any such game or item that helped you?
  21. I have xiaomi Redmi Note 4. And it has the 3GB RAM. So I get to play most of the games. I do experience some lag on the high graphics games. But so far the games pretty much work out on usage side. It can be pretty hard though considering soon more and more games may demand higher graphics and more so we definitely be needing more RAM. So how about you what type of phone you have and how much RAM does it have?
  22. The video says one have to dual boot with bootcamp. That's not the method I was looking for. That's the same method as installing windows. I was referring to the emulators like the one we have for arcade games or say android games. Those type of emulators run the native games without having to install that OS. That is what I was referring to in such case.
  23. I'd say Virgil from Devil May Cry and Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy. It seems like a good storyline they have and the way they justify the acts that they do is definitely gets you attracted to their characters. I also loved some of the characters from the dawn's characters who turned into Windigo at the end. So there are lot I can think of but often don't remember much on the names.
  24. I am surprised that discord is that good with their tech. I mean it's not easy to find a good tech on that case. I think there are some of the VOIP apps but they cost some money. Either way I'd say that it's pretty much good to try out some providers though. Considering they offer landline calls something which discord does not allow.
  25. For me it has to be Serious Sam, Call of Chtulu. Those two games have pretty much impact on my mind. And they kind of remained inside the head. So it is possible that I have to play other games to get over the stuff that is in my head. So far no other game has managed to replace those games memories in my head. So I tend to think about those games often.
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