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  1. I use a laptop to surf the internet as well as participate in game discussion boards and forums. It is easier to read, write and navigate the site. I use a mobile device only to make calles and check social media sites, mostly facebook.
  2. When I was a child, I was not allowed to play video games. But when father bought a PC he could not stop me from playing games because there were a coup,e of inbuilt games. It is difficult to stop kids from playing games, however, there should be some sort of parental control.
  3. That's true. One of the reasons why you should avoid energy drinks is they are very addictive. If you start drinking, soon you will find yourself drinking in access quantities. water is the best drink for the body. It not only hydrates your body but also cleanses and detoxifies your inner body.
  4. Since a lot of people were already using Facebook and they did not find G+ unique. Therefore, they never user G+. However, G+ was good for marketers because it was Google's product.
  5. I also do not watch TV much. I watch TV only during live tournaments like FIFA world cup or ICC World Cup. Sometimes I also watch movies, especially when it is being premiered.
  6. Even though Google Plus had all the elements of facebook, it could never beat facebook, it was not even close to facebook. maybe G+ was not promoted as much as it should have been promoted.
  7. I voted for earphone and looks like I am the only person who has voted for earphones until now. I do not have an exact reason why I prefer earphones, however, I have been using earphones for a long time and I am very comfortable with earphones.
  8. I have seen kids imitating a fight after playing fighting games. Kids cannot differentiate between facts and fictions, illusion and reality, therefore, video games can easily harm them if these games are violent. Some adults might also get affected, however, these are basically the people who have something wrong in their brain.
  9. Minecraft is the only game that I actually paid money to buy. I have never bought other games. I think Minecraft is awesome. I play Minecraft in the PC and mobile device.
  10. Here we are talking about drinking in moderation. We are not talking about drinking too much. When you take something in excess, it will always have an adverse effect.
  11. Mine is Mojang. It created Minecraft, one of the highest selling games in the entire history.
  12. If you are mature and adult, gaming may not affect your behavior, however, gaming certainly has an adverse effect on kids and young people. They lose interest in social interactions, they damage their eyes, and they start behaving oddly.
  13. Generally speaking, I do not like to pay for games because I believe money can be put for better usage. having said that I have also bought a couple of games. Since I do not like to spend money on games, I always look for free offers and free games. I will check this out and see if the game is worth trying. Thank you for sharing.
  14. I think energy drinks can be good as long as you are taking in moderation. If you are tired, you can boost up your energy level instantly by drinking energy drinks. If you are playing for long hours and have not eaten anything energy drinks can be good. However, drinking can after can will harm your health.
  15. Yes, some games are so addictive that you cannot stop playing no matter how long you have been playing. If you start playing in the evening, you can easily forget about the time and you will be playing in the odd hours of the night. If you feel sleepy, it means you are not enjoying the game properly.
  16. I do have Google + place and I was very active on a couple of gaming communities on Google +. However, I was not using Google + for a long time and shutting down of Google + will not have any effect on me and my social media activity. Even though shutting of Google + was announced in December, I suspected this a long time ago as Google + did not have too many loyal users.
  17. When a game frustrates me, I just stop playing the game. Sometimes I go extreme and uninstall the game. When I was playing Candy Crush, I just loved the game. I was like playing 5-6 hours in a day. Then one day I stuck on a certain level. No matter what I could not clear the level. Then one day I just uninstalled the game.
  18. I am not a video content creator and I have never created any kind of videos. However, I have always wanted to create video through screen recording or shooting. I will take the recommendations from the users. I might first try with something that is free and might move to a paid program.
  19. I mostly play games in the afternoon, after having lunch. However, I have played games at night, sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning. I have never slept in the middle of the game. Generally speaking, I play games until the game hooks me. Once I start getting bored, I stop playing.
  20. My first gaming device was a PC. Well, it was not a gaming PC, though. When I bought a smartphone, I started playing mobile games. These days I play games on my laptop, not a gaming laptop though, as well as on my mobile device.
  21. When I was a kid, the only way to play games was by visiting game shops. However, I was not allowed to play games, my father was against playing games. When father bought a PC, he allowed me to play a couple of games, however, these games were not like the ones we see these days. I started playing games when I had my first smartphone. That was when I was in the college.
  22. I play a game for fun, however, we never know when the fun part becomes an addiction. When I was introduced to candy crush, I started playing for fun, however, soon it became an addiction. Sometimes I was playing the game for straight 6 hours. Playing too much killed my phone battery and I had to uninstall the game, in order to avoid going back to the game.
  23. Minecraft was the last game I played. In fact, minecraft is the only game I am playing these days. I spent around two hours playing Minecraft last Saturday. I do not play games every day, generally, I play only at the weekends. However, when I am bored, I also play during the weekdays.
  24. gaming or no gaming, I do not drink energy drinks. These energy drinks have nothing except calories. I always avoid putting extra calories inside my body. I drink coffee or fruit juice though. Coffee helps me to stay focused and juice helps me to hydrate my body all the while giving me nutrition.
  25. I do not have a smart TV. I have a laptop and a smart phone. I watch YouTube mostly on my laptop. My phone has a small screen (5 inches), therefore, I do not prefer to watch videos on my smartphone.
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