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  1. When I was in teens, I used torrent to download music illegal, but now I have enough money to buy songs.
  2. I will only make myself a fool. 😄
  3. egghead

    Wedding Song

    In our place, Bollywood music is very popular during the wedding functions.
  4. I have a video where I am seen dancing, the video was shot in a wedding reception.
  5. egghead


    I have tried listening to Iron Maiden and ACDC.
  6. egghead


    Until recently spotify was not available in my place. Therefore, I listened to music through youtube music
  7. I think Game of Thrones has the best intro music
  8. I like listening to Adele, I like all of her songs. I don't listen to rap of hip-hop.
  9. The only contemporary artist I listen to is Adele. Easy on me, Oh my God, I Drink wine are some of her new songs.
  10. I like watching music videos. I think the visual images add value to the music. But these days in order to become creative they are showing nonsense.
  11. egghead


    When I was a kid I had a lot of elders who liked listening to disco, but I was never interested in this kind of music.
  12. I don't know how to sing, but I like visiting karaoke bar and listen to ordinary people sing
  13. egghead

    Country and Rap

    I sometimes listen to country music (Shania Twain and Jon Denver are really good).
  14. egghead

    Hair Bands

    I find the rock music from the 60s, 70s and 80s very inspiring.
  15. Do you find easy to concentrate on writing when your favorite music is playing in the background?
  16. Another brick in the wall strikes me in a deep level. The song tells how the society systematically makes us a cog in the wheel
  17. egghead


    When I listened to Eminem, I really liked The Real Slim Shady
  18. I don't know about 1950 American music. The Doors and Jimi Hendrix were active in 1960s
  19. Another Brick in The Wall is my favorite song, it was released in 1979 and became number one in 1980.
  20. I am listening to Someone Like You By Adele on my music system.
  21. egghead

    Punk Rock

    I listen to Classic Rock
  22. I don't sing, I don't rap. I even don't like rap music.
  23. I was a kid when I listened to Another Brick in the Wall, as an adult I still listen to this song.
  24. I don't listen to everything. For instance, I don't listen to rap and hiphop.
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