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  1. You have reviewed this well and I agree with your opinion. I am not a fan of Iron Man but his movies are watchable.
  2. I have never watched How I met your mother, Friends, and Big Bang Theory. Actually there are a lot of TV shows that I never watched
  3. For me the story line must be very interesting, the plot should be engaging, and the characters should be identifiable. The movie needs a good cinematographer, as well.
  4. Currently, I have not subscribed to any TV service, I am using streaming service, though.
  5. I have watched few Jackie Chan movies and I really liked his action and comedy. I think I will like this movie.
  6. Never heard of this movie, I watched the trailer and I think I will enjoy this movie. I will see if it is available on the OTT platform I use.
  7. I don't know this movie, but I am interested in watching moves where animals are involved.
  8. egghead


    I know what VCRs are I have even watched movies on cassette tapes. But CDs were already available in the market, therefore, we did not use those tapes much
  9. I remember Knight Rider and Robocop. There were the re-telecast.
  10. In the 80s and the 90s, there were few options. Today we have a lot of options. Therefore, you don't have to wait for Saturday.
  11. I have a youtube channel, I tried to monetize my channel when the requirements were just 10 thousand views. However, I was unsuccessful.
  12. I have watched a lot of movies based on games, however, I did not realize that these movies were actually based on games, for example Silent Hill, Tomb Raider, Mortal Combat, etc. I think Video game movies are making a comeback.
  13. I have watched a lot of black and white movies, some of my favorite black and white movies are 400 Blows Hiroshima Mon Amore 8 1/2 (Eight and half) Have you watched these movies? What is the best black and white movie you have watched?
  14. When I make a list of best foreign language movies, the list will be very big. Therefore, for this post I choose just one move. Amelie is one of the best foreign language movies I have ever watched. It is a French movie released in 2001. The movie shows how anyone can find happiness in little things they do.
  15. By foreign movies, I mean the movies that are not in the language you speak. For me English is a foreign language, ad I watch a lot of English movies. I also watch Bollywood, and Hindu language is also a foreign language for me.
  16. Bollywood is the largest movie industry in the world in terms of number of movies released per year. Since I live next to India, I have been watching Bollywood movies since I was a kid. In fact I learned Hindi language by watching Bollywood movies.
  17. There is one Bollywood movie that the critics hated, but I really liked it.
  18. I think it is good that theaters show ads, it will give plenty of time for the audience to go to bathroom and buy snacks.
  19. I am waiting for House of Dragons to premiere on HBO.
  20. egghead

    Ads on TV

    Even the paid TV channels run ads
  21. It would be interesting if the movies are re-made with a new plot but the same story line.
  22. The story is very interesting, characters are good, but the show contain a lot of adult scenes.
  23. egghead

    Squid Game

    I am watching this show and so far I am liking it.
  24. I have watched all of these movies, but there are not the movies I would want to watch again and again. I would want to watch Scent of a Woman again and again.
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