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  1. The Talking Tom series happens to be one of my favorite mobile virtual pet game for years. They are great even for kids too. The other mobile virtual pet games I've played which I also enjoyed are ; Bubbu, Godville and Hellopet. Which mobile virtual pet games are your best?
  2. So, I decided to ask this question to know if you're still of the habit of celebrating your birthday? Tomorrow happens to be my birthday being 13th April. I haven't celebrated my birthday in a while and I want to celebrate this one. What are the kind of innovative way you would celebrate your birthday if you were in my shoes?
  3. For Christian's, every Sunday is a day that should be kept holy and they are expected to go church. If you're a Christian, do you make out time to attend church services every Sunday? Do you see yourself as a mere church goer to fulfill all righteousness?
  4. Most of the time, I sleep off while still using my smartphone. It's why I don't remember exactly where I left it when I wake up in the morning.
  5. If it's Smirnoff vodka, I love it but if it's other white one in bottle which I wouldn't even call beer, it doesn't do jack on me.
  6. It can definitely get ridiculous when you see how people used to dress because of the cold of winter lol. Personally, I don't mind the dressing as long as I'm comfortable in it.
  7. This is why I have made the decision about all my kids having to learn either kickboxing or any other form of martial arts to know how to defend themselves at all times especially against bullies.
  8. I revived my interest in playing pet site games. I had a very good time playing one of my favorite pet game called Bubbu on mobile today.
  9. I already have a dog which I love and cherish so much but I am still considering getting a cat for myself because I also love cats the same way I love dogs but I'm not sure when I'm going to do that yet.
  10. The best part of the day for me is when I must have finished everything that I'm supposed to do and I am now home relaxing and enjoying myself because nothing beats resting and having a good time for yourself.
  11. Personally, I love long hairs but unfortunately I don't have a long hair. If it is within my power to make my hair grow very long like those Chinese people that have their hair really long, I am definitely going to do anything possible to achieve that.
  12. Not very often! Unfortunately, I am not the kind of person that really enjoys eating pizza that much which is the reason why I might stay up to 5 or 6 months without even eating pizza and it's never going to bother me.
  13. Apple Juice! Apple juice have always been my favorite drink whenever I am not interested in drinking anything that is of alcoholic content. I can eat pizza with it or any other kinds of snacks.
  14. Unfortunately, I don't like eating junk foods which snacks is mostly junk food. This is the reason why you wouldn't come to my house and find any snacks lying about unless I am having kids over, then I'm definitely going to get them snacks they're going to enjoy.
  15. Unfortunately, if I can think of anything that I am addicted to taking, it is definitely going to the alcoholic beverages. I enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages like wine, spirit and beers. Heineken have always being my favorite beer.
  16. Winter is definitely going to be my favorite season because I don't appreciate any weather that is hot. This is why I don't have any kind of interest in summer because it makes it very uncomfortable for me to do anything.
  17. I would definitely choose to invest in Gold for the obvious reasons. It's expensive yes, but on a long run, it's certainly going to pay me more to the best of my knowledge from studying the price analysis of the commodity.
  18. I was actually bullied in school to some extent until I was able to make my own friends. I can tell you that it was one of the most horrible experience that I had during my time in school and I wouldn't want to see anyone to pass through the same thing I did.
  19. Henry Cavill is the one celebrity I wouldn't think twice about spending time with. He's my favourite actor at the moment. It feels so sad for me that he's no longer going to play Superman and The Witcher.
  20. If I remembered correctly, my first job was being a teacher in high school. I actually enjoyed the job but unfortunately, I wasn't paid well.
  21. From my experience with living alone, I can tell you that it's very peaceful. This is why I find it very difficult to stay with anyone right now for a long time.
  22. How did they rig the last presidential election of the United States of America which saw Trump lose to Biden. I would definitely want to know the truth to that.
  23. Technically ZERO! I'm ugly, so I don't have any business with looking in the mirror constantly every day. What am I supposed see there? My ugly face? 😂.
  24. It is definitely going to be playing football because it is my favorite sport. It is the same way I enjoy playing football that I also enjoy watching football which is why I make out time every weekend to follow all the matches that are being played in English Premier League.
  25. It is definitely going to be in my smartphone that I would never leave my house without because there are so many things which I need to do whenever I am out of my house which my smartphone is going to be what's required for me to do it and I can't do it with any other thing apart from my smartphone
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