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  1. You should have the same respect for me as well because I still play on my Sega Saturn till today 😊.
  2. I can't wait to have the experience of playing with PS5 controller. The wait to get that console have be draining for a while now.
  3. I would give anything not to get addicted to games now because it was very difficult for me to get back to being normal when I was addicted last.
  4. As for using weak passwords for my gaming accounts, it's something that I wouldn't put my account at risk because it's got over 90% chance of having it hacked.
  5. I have been streaming a YouTuber that's a huge fan of God War since morning and it's been an entertaining task for me. I have learnt a few skills and tricks on how to play next time.
  6. $1 million would solve a lot problems for me right now. It's the kind of money that's capable of taking care of me if I go on vacation for one year.
  7. I have been thinking about that for a few while but I'm not sure how it's going to help me out with this but I would have to find out when I start. I had to stand and play this morning when I was done with Mass and it was my Top Eleven Football Manager. I had a match almost immediately after the church service.
  8. It's my plan on the product. When I eventually get to own it, that's when how their policies would affect my usage of the device.
  9. Those records would be very difficult to break. I can't even dream of beating them because I know very well that it's possible.
  10. Is that Battlefield 2042 that I'm seeing in there? What a complete joke!! 😑
  11. A friend of mine was offered to work by a gaming company to work with their development team. I hope he gets the job.
  12. I came across this play on YouTube not long ago. The player seems to be very good at it his turns as he doesn't drift off the tracks
  13. I don't have the application in my smartphone and I'm not sure if I would ever be downloading it. I enjoy YouTube and Discord like you do.
  14. Heatman

    Road 96

    I found this 3 minutes review on the game a good piece.
  15. Not at all, from the way he was acting and his body language, I knew that there was something he wasn't letting out. I had to get the game all over again.
  16. Seriously, it was the old times in FIFA that had more value for me with the game. If it's something I can get back into all over again, I wouldn't hesitate into doing it.
  17. I enjoyed playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, even though it's not a football franchise, I think that I'm going to enjoy this Mario Strikers : Battle League.
  18. I haven't played the game that much but from what I've heard about it, it seems like a lot gamers are interested in it. I'm not sure if that makes it underrated.
  19. It's a normal thing that happens whenever you get into it too much with some games. There are some you would just get worn out for playing too long.
  20. I hope that you later managed play your Uncharted 4: A Thief's End when you got back? How long did you give it?
  21. No one would be calm and relaxed to play any kind of video games when their family is in such deep slump.
  22. That's what's expected of any who used to spend on any games. It would be hard to be the same amount every year.
  23. It was an interesting Saturday for me. I was out late till 12 AM. I went to karaoke night and had so much fun.
  24. It's part of what most gamers look for in their games now and it's why developers dedicate a lot of time in making games that way. Now, they are using Unreal Engine 5 to push it up further.
  25. One of my colleagues told me that it helps him mold his focus. I wonder how that works for him in that way because the only focus my gaming does for me is centred on the game.
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