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  1. With the way he's doing it, he's trying his best not to be attached to just one game, so he would have the next one to jump into immediately without having to worry about getting clinched on a single game for too long.
  2. With the amount of money they are making from how their games on FIFA are designed now, it's definitely not possible for them to revert to their old ways with FIFA 99 and say no to all the money they make now.
  3. It's even more appealing to me when it's a survival adventure old games. It's among my favorite game genres whatever they are old or new video games.
  4. Even with the games during the lockdown, a lot of people still find it difficult to cope. It was a very good time for gaming companies then because their games sold very well.
  5. You are entitled to your own on opinion on this and I'm not going to argue with you on it, the same way I don't owe you any explanation on what and how I want to spend my money.
  6. This is why whenever I see anyone who's battling with any kind of addiction, I wound try as much as possible to help him or her out because it's never easy to beat it all on your own.
  7. 6GB RAM will give you a better and smooth gaming experience more than what 4GB or 2GB RAM would give you. I'm using a 6GB RAM now and it's been so good playing with it whenever I want to.
  8. I don't know how you guys look at it, but as far as I'm concerned with respect to the kind of games I love to play, spending $800 in 4 years on a game isn't a lot.
  9. That sounds like something that's going to be very interesting with a lot suspence and political assassination right?
  10. It must be available somewhere if you look harder for it but the only thing is that you are going to pay a lot more for it now than before.
  11. Whichever one Capcom is doing, they should do it fast and stand right behind it. If they don't want to get the DLC done, they better announce it and save us the heartache.
  12. I started playing chess first using the orthodox chess board and we play competing with friends in the hood before I started playing online to get more better at it.
  13. The colour is nice and cool, but it's not going to be that pressuring for me to be pushed into buying the controller more costly. Although, the color might not bore ladies easily.
  14. It's the same thing that I'm hoping for as well because it's going to added work for me to do it all by myself when he can help out.
  15. It's not just from their school alone but also from their parents as well. I can remember growing up and it was a tradition in my family to always come first.
  16. There was a tournament being held in Fortnite called Emotes if I got that correctly. It's all about replicating a dance moves and uploading it on TikTok with specific hashtags.
  17. The thing is that I'm too busy to do that myself and he's been good with doing it in the past. I don't know what went wrong with him and cleaning it the last time. I hope that's the last time such happens.
  18. It took a long while before I had the boring feeling to change my first PS4 console. With PS5's own, I'm very sure that it's going to take a lot longer for me too feel bored with it.
  19. I never saw that one coming 😂!!!
  20. You would have to put in more efforts in uploading more contents on your channel. It's what's going to bring people to keep visiting your site. Let me have your channel so I can subscribe to it.
  21. I'm hoping that you were later able to watch through it and got at least a few tips on how to play?
  22. He had it coming for using his phone number as his password. Who does that now? Some of my friends made that mistake with their Facebook account and they were all hacked.
  23. Most of guys like that are lowlife scammers that always take advantage of their online friendship because they know you can't get in person to do that rubbish.
  24. You get lucky with such kind of gaming system once in a while. It's why when some have that opportunity and they have the money to buy it, they are never giving it up.
  25. I still have good friends that I have made from playing online games who I wouldn't like to miss out on. Some like to remain connected through the game and I respect that, which is why I keep playing to have them.
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