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  1. Having a meltdown isn't something that usually happens to me often but early this month was a crazy one for me and my family. It have been a while since I had a meltdown but I did had one before Easter holidays. Two of my young cousins that are not up to 29 years old both died. I was crashed and broken immediately. I had a meltdown immediately I was told. When last did you have a melt down?
  2. Which one would you rather receive when you're shopping between getting a $200 discount on everything or receiving a 30% discount on everything you're shopping for? What the reason why you would choose the option that you opt for?
  3. In life, it's always almost impossible to say that you haven't wasted your time on something that you shouldn't have. What could be that one thing which you got into but after a while, you consider it a complete waste of your time?
  4. The saying - " Nothing good comes easy" wasn't made out of joke 😂. If you want long hair and grow big beards, it requires a lot of work and maintenance to keep them looking good always.
  5. Awwh, that sounds so lovely. It sure looks like you've got yourself a new cat with kittens on the way. I think that you're most likely going to adopt them.
  6. It's a very good Vodka brand. I've had it more times than I can count. It was a girlfriend of mine who introduced me to it around 2015. Since then, I've enjoyed it.
  7. Thanks man. I had a great one. As for jet-ski, I've done it once or twice which was fun. I love going to the beach resorts and that's where I do it. I want to try out something crazy next year. Something like all those clip jumping with sling ropes attached.
  8. You're right about how some people uses religion to make excuses for their actions which sucks most of the time. My family is a strong catholics with both my father a Knight and Lady but that doesn't hold anything over me with how I see religion. The core of my life belief is to treat others exactly how I want them to treat me. If it's something that I would like done to me, I will never do it to another person.
  9. This is you now pressuring us whom are yet to find our own love of our lives 😂. I'm now jealous of you but also happy for you 😂.
  10. My kid brother always refer to his weekend as a movie weekend. He always makes out time to see few movies during the weekend. So, a perfect day of the weekend for him is always going to be one with lots of movies.
  11. You were good at science and still kept being gravitating towards it after years you left school, that shows you're truly good at it. When I see science courses, I get depressed!! 🥹
  12. Exactly. Look at how Everton managed to survive relegation this season even with all the multiple points they faced as a result of breaching FFP rules but nothing is yet to be done to City with their 115 charges.
  13. Nope, I wouldn't need to do that either because I don't keep much hair. My hair is always in skin punk. If I take my bath, everything dirt comes off.
  14. That's exactly what happens to me. Although, when you look at me in that situation, I will look very dejected but not shading tears. I pass through more of psychological trauma.
  15. Yeah, that's a very good question that's going to give you a big heads up with some information that you can even take advantage of in the future once it's time for it to happen.
  16. Being in a relationship with the woman meant for you is the best feeling you can ever have in life. Your life will be full of joy and happiness. I'm very happy for you mate. You're blessed!!
  17. This sounds like something you see in horror movies, I couldn't help it with not laughing when I was reading that. I bet you started being very careful with how you brush your teeth after having the dream.
  18. Premier League is always a blast. It's the only league where you hardly see the league winner running away with it. Look at this season's league gap of points. It's just 1-3 points gap from top 3.
  19. I have heard about Aqua Pet too but I haven't gotten into playing it. I managed to watch the trailer which didn't look too bad. I will just give it a test run and see if I would like it.
  20. Yeah, I was completely impressed with the gameplay trailer of Stellar Blade. I didn't expect it to be that good but I was proved wrong. The developers did a great job with it.
  21. And tomorrow is Monday.. I'm a serious hater of Mondays but unfortunately I can't do anything about it 😂... I wish Monday is added up to the weekend 😂.
  22. Unless your door is locked and unlocked by voice instruction, then you obviously don't need a key on your way out. But as for my smartphone, it can't leave my side ever for any reason whatsoever.
  23. Don't Judge Me by Chris Brown. This song unhooks something in me whenever it plays. I can never get enough of it.
  24. I watched Lift half way about 2 or 3 months ago and stopped it. Last night, I was able to finally finish it. It wasn't that bad as I thought it would be.
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