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  1. The last time when I checked out The Neo Geo system price, I think it was sold at $720. I never owned or played on it but would definitely love to.
  2. You need to work on that mate. I know you are capable of doing it, having played for that long.
  3. Whenever Switch 2 comes out, I'm never going to miss out on it and I hope it's not going be like what we're experiencing with PS5 now for being too scarce in the retail market.
  4. Even though with all the risk that's been associated with NFTs, I saw this as a good project to hook up and it seems like it's going to pay off. Congratulations to MetaRace.
  5. If it's an attack on you, it's not wise to keep quiet over it because it means that they would see you as a weakling person and would apparently keep doing that always to you.
  6. Personally, I don't care about getting into any sort of arguments with them on that because I'm very sure that they don't have much to offer in that. If they come out open to ask for information, I'd give it willingly.
  7. I never had it considered from that angle and you have a very good point with your further explanation on this. Thanks for clearing it up for me.
  8. Seriously, having to go through all of them would be adding unnecessary pressure on my head thinking about how much all those games are worth especially the one's I haven't touched.
  9. This is what I have planned out as well. There's no way I'm selling my PS4 for any reason. I love that console the same way I loved PS2 and my Sega Saturn.
  10. I have played Gran Turismo 7 enough for the year. I will turn my attention on other games that haven't got much of my time. Let me think about playing Horizon Forbidden West.
  11. For 6 months and he's yet to pay for the game? I would just tell you to forget about it because he's not going to be paying it. Do you intend on dragging him all over Facebook groups and feeds?
  12. I have both Sega Genesis and Satrun. I have already given away my Genesis but still have my Satrun and I'm never parting with it.
  13. Just for a common relationship breakup, my brother didn't play his games for almost 3 weeks. He completely lost interest in a lot of things.
  14. Heatman

    Road 96

    That's one thing that keeps having me being attracted the more to the game. Good soundtracks is another part of fun for me in games.
  15. Everything has been all about money for them. Look at how good FIFA 99 was when we played it. It's not possible for them to do that with any of their games now.
  16. He used to be the one that always have them cleaned but I don't know what went wrong with it and him this time around. Well, that's by the way as I have replaced the game.
  17. You need to take a look at this on the game before you decide on buying the game. Some of the problems in the game have been discussed.
  18. I have experiencing a skull cracking headache for over 2 hours now and I can't get into playing any games cos of it. It looks like I'm done for the day.
  19. Finally, there's one who's giving more time to this kind of game, so it doesn't look like I'm the only freak here 😂. Well done mate. You're doing well!!
  20. Yeah, I know that very well because it's my brother's favourite. When they are done with its mega evolution, it's going to be a Pokemon no wouldn't like to have.
  21. I have had this simulation game Totally Reliable Delivery Service since 2019 but never played it. I started playing it yesterday and it's been so nice.
  22. I enjoy watching Korean movies or TV show from time to time. I love watched City Hunter, Jumong, Iron Empress and so much more. What's the storyline of Six Flying Dragons about?
  23. You're right about that look of being majestic. It's got a similarity with Maleficent.
  24. You can check out this one - Alive.
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