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  1. I did recommended that as well for you. If you had Final Fantasy 7 in there, it would have easily been my first recommendation.
  2. No matter how good Gran Turismo have been over the years, no racing game would be more loved for me the way I love Need for Speed : Most Wanted.
  3. I'm definitely interested in getting such strategy video games for that amount of money. I would have at least three good recommendations.
  4. I don't really force myself not to sleep. It's only when I'm stark awake and not feeling sleepy at all deep in the night that I go into playing such video games at the same time.
  5. That's very correct. There were sighting of Hitler and his Nazi troops and the war planes used in WW2. The troops and their weapons used in Call of Duty Vanguard was very obvious in the game.
  6. It's actually what game's reviews do for me. Gone are the days that I would just up and jump into any game because I can afford paying for it. As I already know the kind of franchise I love to play, so my getting reviews have been narrowed down for me.
  7. Maybe because it's cheaper would be one of your reasons to choose it 😂.. But outside that, Final Fantasy 6 did offered a decent gameplay.
  8. Ever since you started playing Gran Turismo 7, what's your favorite track in the game and what's your favorite racing vehicle? For me, it's the Autopolis International Racing Course that's in Asian region.
  9. With the way things are going with the game New World right now, we are seeing shades of what happened in Cyberpunk 2077 already. How long it's going to take them to fix all the problems is what I don't know and I hope it's not going to take long.
  10. I can't ever forget my experience with playing all of the Winning Eleven game's releases. I played all of them and never skipped one till they decided to kill off the game with their practices.
  11. Heatman

    Road 96

    If it's about the game getting cheaper, it would most likely happen but it's definitely not going to be now since it's all out new. Maybe in a few years time, the price would drop or they run a promo on the game to boost its sale.
  12. The money to purchase Playstation 5 isn't the problem for me at all. I have it down for immediate purchase when it's available. I even prefer ordered for my brother who said that he can't wait for the rush when it's out.
  13. That's exactly what happens when you give into rumors too much and believing them to come to pass but they all most likely end up not happening. I can't forget how the rumor on the making of GTA 6 brewed then but I never bothered till Rockstar announced it.
  14. Yeah, that's a fact. When it comes to the one's that are made in video games development, if it's something that can be managed, it gets looked over by gamers as long as they can enjoy the game.
  15. You're always funny in your own and like it. There was a time when I made such recommendations and it wasn't received well but that's by the way. If I were the one looking at making that decision, I might just give it a try and see what I randomly pick 😂.
  16. Exactly!! When you're stuck at home doing nothing most of the time, what other options do you have left? It's all down to gaming and movies if you are into movies too.
  17. Haha, that's very correct in most cases lately. Most people that managed to get to 90 plus are faced with a lot of health challenges and it's never easy.
  18. I have seen a lot of new faces lately, who should I nominate right now? Let me still pause for now and see who my interests falls on within the next few days or I might still end up picking @skyfireagain 😊.
  19. You have been updated now and it's one of the good thing of being in a community like VGR. There's always a lot to pick up from here when you happen to spend good time on the forum. So, if you want Gran Turismo 7, it's out already and you can get it.
  20. From a marketing standpoint, it's not a good business move because it's going to cripple one of the product. It's not wise to give your own game competition in the same market within a short period of time.
  21. If something good comes out with the game next month and hopefully they don't delay it, I would find out from reviews or even those that got the game if it's something that's worth buying. It's the only way I can get myself to give it a try.
  22. Yeah, it's what I saw unfold with the game and it's really a pain for most gamers that lost or paid the extra $50 on the game because they couldn't wait for the game's price to come down a bit.
  23. Lately, my gaming time on my Playstation 4 have been in a constant battle with my Nintendo Switch. Seriously, that system is one massive platform where you won't get bored or tired easily.
  24. If you talk about games being 10/10, it means that the game doesn't even have bugs or glitches as well and that's impossible in our games today. I know that some game's try as much as possible to cut down on the bugs but it's never eliminated 100%.
  25. Horizon Forbidden West came out before Elden Ring and it's why I started playing it first. So, when Elden Ring dropped and I got it, I couldn't stop playing it over Horizon Forbidden West. I have GT 7 as well, and it's a great racing game.
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