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  1. I recently found out that honey can be used as a very good medicine to treat an open flesh wound that is taking a long time to heal. I had an injury at a very sensitive part in my body recently which I was prescribed a lot of cream to use and treat it but none of it was working until I was prescribed to use natural honey to treat it. Within the space of one week, the injury have been completely healed. Even anyone suffering from diabetes and have an open wound can use honey and apply it on the wound. It's going to heal it 100%.
  2. Both the Cope America 2024 and Euro 2024 are being played right now. Brazil and Argentina will always remain the big guns in the tournament favorite to win it. If I remembered correctly, I think it was Argentina that won it with 1-0 against Brazil. Do you think any underdog team will surprise either Argentina or Brazil to win the 2024 Copa America tournament?
  3. This ongoing Euro 2024 tournament is one in which it's very clear that scoring of own goals is having a generational tournament of its own. 5 own goals have been scored so far in the tournament with only Jamal Musiala with 2 goals and the rest of the players with 1 goal. Who do you think is going to come out on top as the top goal scorer when the tournament is completed?
  4. England have been the worst team in this Euro 2024 tournament so far in my opinion. Their coach Southgate doesn't seem to know what he's doing right now because they are not living up to their expectations. Also, he's lost with his tactics and players selection. He has Bellingham’s an 8 playing as a 10, Foden as a RW/AM playing as a LW and Trent as a RB playing CM. This is a complete joke as far as I'm concerned! I keep asking why he's still not sacked till now?
  5. For those who are currently following up with the ongoing Euro 2024 tournament, which manager do you think is the worst when it comes to being poor tactically and with his subs so far with the group matches almost completed? There are many of them I can think of but let me hear the input of others.
  6. The only place the use of VAR is horrible is in the English Premier League and it's because the English FA does not want to improve on how they make use of the TECHNOLOGY. It is not the technology that is a problem but the people who are making use of it which are the most inconsistent referees in the history of the sports.
  7. In my opinion, I believe that any kind of slap sports should be banned. It doesn't matter whether the slap is being carried on the face or on the buttocks like most ladies do, it is a very disgusting sports as far as I'm concerned that shouldn't be allowed to the viewed by the general public.
  8. Exactly! I would actually say that it is him winning the FA Cup against Manchester City that was the deal breaker for them in having him sacked because I know that if he had lost that final, they would have sacked him immediately after the match or the next morning.
  9. Yeah, that's true. Although, I'm going to limit Batman's strength to only in Gotham and above few average heros because someone like Darkseid will rip him into two.
  10. I'm actually familiar with that forum owner and from the things I know about him, he is someone who is nonchalant about the things he's doing. He's no longer paying much attention to his community and that is why things are very messy on that platform right now.
  11. I am also a very big fan of horror movies because they are quite thrilling to watch if you understand what I mean. Which horror movies have been the best you have seen this year? I'm looking for recommendations of what next to watch.
  12. There are so many virtual pets site games that I can recommend for you if you are willing to dabble into checking some of them out. The ones that I have been playing which I really enjoy are ; Neopets and Marapets. They are great games you can check out.
  13. If you actually ask me what have affected people's social life today, I wouldn't say it is gaming but the use of smartphone. A lot of people tend to be over addicted to the use of their smartphone that socializing with people in an interpersonal relationship is always very difficult for them.
  14. Seriously, those days we are awesome because of the way everything is coordinated and the games are played. It's something that I wouldn't forget in my life as long as gaming is concerned.
  15. I think they should all be included as long as after taking them, they didn't do anything for you 😂.
  16. I believe that with time, everyone will eventually move up to upgrading to Windows 11 because once the support is no longer made available to Windows 10, there wouldn't be any need for you to make use of it because it is going to be giving you a lot of issues when you're trying to work with it.
  17. This is a truth I can equally attest to because a lot of things have been messed up when it comes to the use of social media. Human communication and interaction have been limited so much by the use of social media that people can hardly interact with each other in person.
  18. The box office is still making millions of dollars in their business. Dune: Part Two sold $626 million after five weeks of release and Kung Fu Panda 4 sold $347 million after four weeks of release.
  19. Exactly! Someone can actually be famous but the person is poor but when you are living in fortune, there's nothing that you cannot be able to have access to and be able to afford whenever you want which gives you a very comfortable life.
  20. I love mangoes too. I'm not that much into eating fruits but when it comes to my favourites, mangoes and apple always tops it for me. We are in the season of mangoes right now but I'm yet to eat one.
  21. There was a gang war going on at the moment and I happen to be running a professional program in that community where the gang war was happening. I had to blend in completely in that community in order for me not to be made a scape goat victim or seen as a spy in their environment.
  22. Exactly. It is why whenever I am interested in renting a new apartment, I will try as much as possible to inspect each and every corner of the house including the bathroom the kitchen and make sure that things are how they are supposed to be because I'm not going to be managing for a very long time.
  23. Right words on POISON ☠!! In this type of situation, the person is going to be faced with a lot of chemical reaction that the body is not supposed to be passing through in that kind of health condition which speeds up the person's death.
  24. I have heard about water bed or foam, I can't remember exactly the one they call it. I don't know if it's something that's going to good for my kind of body. When I'm remodeling my house again, I'll have it looked into.
  25. Blasphemous 2 was the last game I played. I've had this game since last year but I couldn't find time to get into playing but I'm happy to have started playing it finally and it's absolutely worth it.
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