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  1. It's actually something that I'm very sure that you would like to get it looking at how the other BF games have been.
  2. Was it on console that you started out playing video games for the first time in your life?
  3. Yeah - and you even forgot to mention how good Need for Speed's soundtrack has been lately. It's well appreciated by gamers who love the NFS franchise.
  4. English is very easy to learn as far as I'm concerned. I don't even see anything difficult in it. The same thing goes with Spanish language.
  5. Konami wasn't that bad years ago but at a time, they picked up some nasty policies and ruined the company by themselves all because of their greediness.
  6. As far as I'm concerned, kids don't have much responsibilities facing them, so then can even play video games for 24 hours if it's possible for them.
  7. It's actually what happens with a video game that you're very used to playing. No matter how long you're off the game, whenever you get back to it, you will definitely still play well.
  8. It's definitely going to be very interesting game that lots of gamers are looking up to if they don't end up with disappointing us.
  9. Cricket 🏏 games is something I'm not sure if I would ever be open to getting into because I still don't understand the sports till date.
  10. Definitely, I'm very it's something that you're going to enjoy very well once you have your time into it like you do with your Moto GP 😉.
  11. Which is something that appears to be making a lot of people switching off from it to other alternatives.
  12. Yeah - The Witcher is available in a book too as well movie. So, seeing it getting into games isn't really surprising for me.
  13. Other racing games appeal to me more than Moto GP. I'm not saying that Moto GP isn't a good one but take a look at Gran Turismo, it can't be compared at all.
  14. Finding a perfect solution to kill time in a way that it's going to be fun for you is something that gaming can offer well for everyone.
  15. Exactly - once a community is a healthy one, it's definitely going to be very homely for most people active in it.
  16. Seriously - It's very hilarious listening to that. I just started off my day in a really happy mood after watching that.
  17. They are already too addicted to the money 💵 minting act and as such they can never let go of it. Everything is all about money for them.
  18. Anything you can do to save money off of your games is simply welcomed as long as it's going to bite you in the a** later.
  19. Yeah - it really looks odd if you would ask me, as if the players are too fatigued to play.
  20. Heatman


    You missed out on the first generation of the Playstation console. It was an exciting experience for most gamers when it broke into the gaming industry.
  21. Yeah - it's a fact that such situations are very obtainable but what matters most is how the project is set up. So, even when there's a slip, they can easily get right back on track.
  22. Exactly - it makes it give a far more satisfying experience when compared to playing games without mods.
  23. Seriously - whoever or whatever changed their gaming production policy is something that should be cursed every time as far as I'm concerned.
  24. Yeah - it's better to be careful than being sorry. Some conversations never ends well when it's done with the wrong person.
  25. Once the pay for the overtime is something that is worth it, I don't have any problem doing it but it's taking me for granted is something I can't swallow.
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