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  1. It's Final Fantasy for me, Lord's Mobile, King of Avalon and PES soccer for mobile phones.
  2. Are you kidding me? I actually thought that Apple would have more games than the rest.
  3. Most people have actually abandoned the game for more fun and interesting games. Personally, I don't really know when I played the game last and I'm not sure if I would play it again.
  4. After reading reviews about the game and was intrigued to get it but to my greatest surprise, it kept crashing on my device Tecno Camon C8.
  5. Heatman

    Among us

    It's a very annoying game as far as I'm concerned. There is nothing interesting about it for me at all and the players looked too silly for me.
  6. The trailer looks awesome and I'm quite sure that most gamers who are fan of such game, would definitely enjoy playing it. I have just watched the trailer 5 times in a row 😂.
  7. Do you think Samsung products are to be considered a good fit for gaming? Most especially the Note series of Samsung products.
  8. Of course yes, I do spend money on monthly basis for my online football manager that I'm playing. It cost me at least $10 to $15 for buying items/resources on the game.
  9. It's been Google play store for me ever since and I have never looked for an alternative because I most likely get all the games I'm looking for on the platform for both free and paid games.
  10. Well, higher upgrades of Samsung products usually have this feature with it. S20FE equally comes with the water cooling feature as well.
  11. ePSXe is the best PS1 emulator as far as I'm concerned. It's going to work for all Android in most cases. Try it out and find out what happens.
  12. The question is whether I'm a fan of taking pictures always? And the answer is a big Yes. This phone is a big bomb for lovers of high quality pictures because it's definitely going to give the best out per shot.
  13. Well, as far as I'm concerned, if it's possible for price that would determine how good a gadget would be, then this watch isn't going to cut it. Personally, I'm not a fan of watches but generally this looks good.
  14. From the reviews I read about Blackshark, it seems like a perfect fit for gaming experience. So, if you have any need for a new phone to upgrade your gaming experience, just get Blackshark.
  15. The review looks outstanding and I'm very impressed with what I saw they upgraded in the device to enhance gaming experience. I may actually be getting this device.
  16. Seriously, I believe that they aren't much of a competition lately with what other smartphone companies are doing lately. They are more focused now on other electronics products like television 📺, DVD and so on.
  17. I have never been a fan of Sony products as I'm more of Samsung freak. In as much as I'm well aware that Sony makes good quality products, they aren't a thing for me.
  18. I have been making use of bluestacks for a long time now and I have never been disappointed with it. It works perfectly well for me.
  19. Seriously, it's one of the challenges that comes with windows phones. I don't really fancy them at all but I'm sure some people do love them.
  20. It can actually get very frustrating when your internet connection makes a big mess of your gaming session, I do hate that with passion. Can you remember the last Bingo game you played?
  21. Maybe he's yet to see a windows smartphone 📱 which led him to conclude without making his inquiries on the subject.
  22. My junior brother is just exactly as you are when it comes to his preference of how to best enjoy his gaming, if it's not PC, he's not interested.
  23. Actually, I'm not really a big fan of Apple products. I have only managed to use Apple 10 and that was it for me. The M1 looks great but I'm not sure if I would get it.
  24. Nope, I'm not really impressed with the design of this Galaxy Fold 3. It looks very awkward and I'm never buying it for any reason whatsoever.
  25. It's not only Apple that are omitting some of the phone accessories when packing their products. Samsung are equally guilty of this as well.
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