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  1. Yes, you are absolutely right my friend. Most people today don't even know about its relevance because it's not that popular as the other social media sites. I'm very sure it's part of the reasons why it's getting scrapped.
  2. Personally, I have lost some money in betting as an adult. There is no way of making absolute sure that you can win. It's all based on how lucky you are.
  3. Exactly! They are even bigger in size and speaker quality. So, they are bound to produce a better sound output for the user. Earphones are just silly accessories in my opinion.
  4. True! Whether it's underage or an adult gambling, it's never good because there is no way of knowing that you are going to lose or win. Staying away from gambling is the best thing a gamer can do for his life and gaming experience.
  5. It's more like a Google social media site as well just like Facebook but this one is anchored on Google. But people are most used to the Google search engine and not the Google+. It's also used for gaming as well because I have so many gaming Google+ ID.
  6. It's a very good thing that you know what happens when you insist on playing deep in the night. So, to avoid getting to sleep off and leaving all your gaming hardwares on and vulnerable to damage, it's best to remove yourself from such scenario and not play at night.
  7. The human mind reacts and adjusts to whatever its fed. So, if you drown it in games, there is every possibility of games rubbing off its effects on the mind and what affects the mind also affects the body and physical behavior.
  8. There is this saying that gaming have a way of creeping into one's behavioral tendencies and either impacting on it positively or negatively. Do you think this is possible or is it just a myth?
  9. Heatman

    WWE 24k

    Let's hear it from the wrestling game fans in the community. Who love getting to beat the crap out of their wrestling opponents in WWE 24k game? My favorite players are Brock Lesner, Bill Goldberg, Roman Reigns and Brown Stroman.
  10. When it comes to playing games, it's either you play with mouse or pad controller for PC and consoles respectively. Between these two gaming hardwares, which one are you more of an expert with when playing games? Mouse or pad controller?
  11. If you are familiar with playing FIFA soccer game, then you will be very familiar with betting with friends when playing. I have done this on more than one occasion and it's very fun way to getting one be very seriously motivated to play and win.
  12. Any earphone accessories that is not wireless is not my thing. I hate wired earphones which is why most times I have to go for the wireless Bluetooth headset. It's very convenient for me to use without having to worry about getting limited by being attached with the wire to my playing device.
  13. I think that I have had the experience just once and it pained me so much as I forgot to save the already completed stages in the game and my system shutdown, which made me had to replay those stages once again. I would never put myself in such a situation of getting to dose off while still playing because it's no fun at all.
  14. I know this DU screen recorder very well and it's actually exactly what you have described it to be is the way it is. Currently, it's what I'm making use of to carry out most of my screen recording task and also it have the feature of screen shot as well.
  15. Normally, I would just keep hissing for so long and if it still keeps making me feel horrible, then I would have no other option than to stop playing for the time being. I have personally seen some people/gamers get so violent when they keep getting frustrated with their game and it's never a good sight to behold.
  16. I have expected this to happen a long time ago because Google+ seems to be a dying phase of the Google community handle. Just like yahoo messenger was scraped off and MySpace as well, now it's time for Google+ to join the cue.
  17. Top Eleven Football Manager is the last game which I'm currently playing at the moment. I so much love this game but it has already frustrated me so much that I had to quit playing it over and over again but I still see myself coming back to it. It's more like I'm too connected to the game so much that I can't let it go completely.
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