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  1. It's one of the ways that they make money off from the game and there is nothing that is wrong with it. I'm actually in support of it. They need the money.
  2. Yeah, it's a very good controller because I have been making use of it for a while now especially when I want to have maximum control.
  3. Now, I'm seeing where Apple copied their new camera designs from because it's very obvious and it looks so cool. I'm thinking of recommending this to a gamer friend.
  4. I'm not a fan of this company's smartphone products. I have never owned any of their products but I'm sure they some people would love it.
  5. What you can play while you are on a bus? You can literally play anything you want as far as I'm concerned. You can play need for speed.
  6. Well, I believe that they know the importance of graphics to gamers because once any is low on it, it's getting kicked at.
  7. Definitely, I believe that GTA should be on device or mobile games because those games are awesome. I never get tired of it.
  8. I'm so happy that they finally released the S21 devices because I have been getting their email notifications it would be out soon and it looks great.
  9. Final Fantasy Top Eleven Angry Birds King of Avalon God of War Call of Duty
  10. Well, it's not all the games that I play that I do such expenses not unless the game is actually worth my buying stuffs on it, then I will do it.
  11. The problem is that with all these pods, their battery don't usually last longer and it's very annoying.
  12. Well, it's still definitely going to be Blackshark for me no matter what I see as a rival in the market because the Blackshark is a standout device.
  13. This looks very good. I'm sure it will be rushed when it gets into the market because people really love good design.
  14. Well, for now I'm not planning on getting the phone 📱 as I'm still well contented with the S20FE I'm currently using.
  15. Definitely, if you are asking, then in my opinion, it sure looks better and very obviously good. How much does it cost?
  16. Haha, I just had a memory rush of this game which is quite a funny game. I can't ever forget the faces of those green pigs 🐖 😂.
  17. Well, this looks interesting. I'm not sure yet but I will look into it and see the possibilities of getting the game and actually play it.
  18. There are so many good soccer games that can actually enjoy on mobile devices now. I'm actually playing Top Eleven Football Manager on my mobile.
  19. It's definitely going to be very hard to kill it and you're absolutely correct about how expensive the ecosystem of Apple is.
  20. Heatman

    Among us

    Exactly, you're very correct with your assessment. It's definitely not meant for all. I'm definitely not among such group.
  21. Yes, I just checked it out last night and it's already out. I may download it during the weekend as it's when I get the opportunity to play my games.
  22. Seriously, they are doing great now with the kind of sophisticated devices they are producing like S20FE.
  23. Personally, I believe it's better that they delay it rather than push it out with factory fault which will mess up the device rating.
  24. Haha, I get that tiring feeling as it's not fun when it gets to that point, most people virtually just move on in the process.
  25. Heatman

    Twisty Towers

    Yes, it's quite a funny but a cool game back then. More like Mario I used to play with my Sega console as well. Do you remember Mario?
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