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Do you backup or replicate your data?

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Do you guys backup or replicate your data to make sure it's safe and sound?  I used to back up just to my external drive and that was it; however, I recently built and setup a NAS device, so now I backup to my external, and have that backup weekly to my NAS, I then also zip up and send a copy of the backup to an offsite backup location, as well so I have my data saved in triplicate just in case.  Safety first!

How do you guys tend to your data/games/etc?

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If you don't care about restoring previous file versions or restoring deleted files, replication/sync is better than nothing. I sync my data to local drive as well as BackBlaze cloud. Traditional backup has versioning allowing you to restore to a point in time.

SnapRAID might be worth looking into as well, if your data grows to the point that you can't afford a 1:1 backup. It's not the ideal backup model, but at a certain point it's not practical or affordable otherwise. For my purposes it's just what I needed.

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9 hours ago, skyfire said:

Some of the time taking the document data backup to multiple places makes sense. I am thinking of things from that context for now. In near future I hope to see NAS is one possibility. 

Yeah - it allows me to have access to my most important data at all times even if one service is down.

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14 hours ago, skyfire said:

These days I am taking the security seriously. I also hope to backup most of my data very carefully and also going to be saving for some external backup.

I back information that is attached to my finance, saving passwords via my personal email account is always an option for me. 

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