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"PlayStation Infinite", Confirmed as Plus Essential, Extra, Premium and Deluxe -June 2022

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2 hours ago, kingpotato said:

The new PS PLUS service has been officially released in Asia this week , it will be released in Japan next week and by next month Europe and America. With the release on the Asia market we finally have a full list of games, Im not sure if the games on this list will be the same for Europe or America but it will probably be 90% similar.

Here is the link for the article with the full list.


Now, that's one good list if you ask me and I love what they did with the games arrangement in the article. They tried to arrange everything in alphabetical order which makes it easier to look for the games that interest you. 

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On 2/3/2022 at 11:10 PM, marLeY g said:

it will be cool when they start making new games uv old 1z


Beyond Oasis



That's would certainly be something I would be looking forward to. Bringing back games like wrath of Titans, street fighter or even dragon lair.

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