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What do you think is game of the year 2023?

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Personally, I can't really say it is any of the games I have played this year(Street Fighter 6, Final Fantasy 16, etc).  I think 2023 wasn't as great a year of gaming as people make it out to be and the games that have came out were underwhelming. 


But I think my GOTY will be a game that I intend on playing as soon as I get back onto my PS5 and that game is Ghostrunner 2. It looks very similar to the original which was just perfection. I cannot judge for sure yet however. 

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I heard that Baldurs Gate 3 got Game Of The Year in the Golden Joystick Awards. 


I will admit, it will have been difficult this year to be able to pin point who would have won it but I had my eyes on either Fortnite or Hogwarts Legacy for Game of the Year. 

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A lot of it boils down to genre. Unless it’s entirely based on numbers, how could it even be a fair choice? If you’re comparing fantasy against sci-fi against sports against racing, there’s not really a logical argument in any direction. I would be willing to venture that all of us hate a genre or two. Those were just the ones that came immediately to mind from the dozens of genres. Personally, although I absolutely love hockey, I hate NHL video games. Or any hockey video game for that matter.  Withe the exception of Mario Kart and others that I can count on one hand, I don’t like racing games. But I absolutely LOVE fantasy. If you can mix it well with sci-fi, then you really have my attention. FF8 did it perfectly in my opinion.

So, unless they pick one from every single genre we have, or look exclusively at numbers, there is no valid way to pick.

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