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Are there games you consider yourself a pro in?

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Would there be any games you ever considered yourself a pro in? Maybe to the point you could one day go pro and play in tournaments? As a kid I probably thought I was the best at WWE Smackdown Here Comes the Pain because I played it so much. I rarely played it against others, and never played it online at the time, so I don't know how I'd consider myself to be a pro, but I thought I was. 

Anyway, I don't think there are any games today where I would consider myself a pro. I used to be fairly good at Call of Duty, but I was never pro good. If I ever tried to go pro, I would have been destroyed. 

I may not be a pro, but do you consider yourself a pro at certain games? And if so, which games? 

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I dunno if I'd consider myself a Pro, but i'm pretty decent at Call of Duty. I've also sank an ungodly amount of hours into Phantasy Star Online across multiple platforms since it's release in 2000........so take for that what you will. 😛

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I wouldn't consider myself an expert or master at it, but I'm pretty good at the Monster Hunter franchise. With Lance, I almost never die. Though, it does have basically the best blocking out of all weapons currently.

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