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At what age did you start playing video games?

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I remember I was around 3 - 4 years old when I first started gaming. It was my Dad who got me into gaming one day. I remember seeing my Dad playing a game and became interested and allowed me to play for a little and I became hooked. It was after that we got a Sega Master System and I became hooked on gaming and now I game daily on many games and love it. I couldn't be without gaming now at all and find it gets me through a lot, especially my tough times.

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Not that long actually. I really got into them back around 2008. The first console I owned was an N64 with Super Mario, and I played that game so much because it was the only game I had at the time. My parents just couldn't afford video game consoles, so when I finally got another game, which was Pokemon Stadium, I was overjoyed because I now had two games! I have since been lucky after getting married and finally have the opportunity to play them, although I still have a long wish list of ones I have yet to play. Sadly, I no longer have an N64, but that thing was basically my childhood.



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