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What Multiplayer Behaviors Drive You Crazy?

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Multiplayer games can be a lot of fun, but nothing ruins it faster than someone engaging in totally lame behavior.

For me, here’s what drives me bonkers:

  • Medics that won’t bother to heal you.
  • Gamers who are in it only to boost their own scores and who ignore team objectives completely (and/or steal frags).
  • Uneven teams where I wind up doing all the offensive work (why am I always the one who has to capture the flag?).
  • Players who ignore in-game logic for the sake of out-of-game convenience. This is mainly an issue in RPG-style MMOs. And not everyone is going to agree with me about it.

What are your multiplayer pet peeves?



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I play a lot of Counter Strike: Global Offensive matchmaking and there are tons of people who are just trolling. Just the last match we lost because of a person like this. Basically, hitting teammates, not buying any weapons or not dropping one when someone doesn't have money to purchase himself a gun. There are also people who just die and then tell the enemy where our team is on the map. I believe that if everyone start playing normal we would have a much better gaming experience in CS:GO.

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I hate when you have a team that doesn't understand teamwork. I also hate people that belittle other random players and cause a stir for no reason just to get the lobby riled up. Since I'm a COD Zombies addict, I hate when people deliberately refuse to revive you just to troll. 

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- People that harass over the mic 

- People that chuck a hissy when they lose

- In addition to the above, people that can't accept that their poor performance lead to them losing, not 'the lag' or some other excuse

- People that intentionally lose to tank their rating 

On 7/20/2018 at 8:48 AM, Alyxx said:

People who refuse to communicate

Tbqh I only jump on mic with friends because I don't want to deal with every person I come across saying, "Feeeeeeeeemaaaaaaaaaleeeeee." 

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