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Last movie watched?

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The Invention of Lying,


Great film, main star is Ricky Gervais co staring Jenifer Garner, the plot is about a world where no one lies and everyone is pretty much 100% blunt about everything 24/7 even the harshest of the harsh. 

Wont ruin it for you but its a pretty good flick if you are just in for a random sit.

7/10 in terms of comedy and content.



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Revenge - Kevin Costner, Madeline Stowe 

My mom had it on yesterday downstairs and I just had to watch it with her. That movie is great, but only the first half.

Once these two ^^ get busted, things get ugly. And so sad. Terrible ending for both of them. ūüėě

I would rate it 9/10, only because of the ending. But it sure is one good movie.


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I had to take two flights and two bus rides in the last couple of days so I had to chance to watch a few series and movies

Phone booth - 7.5/10

Invincible season 1 - 9/10

House of the Dragon ep 1 and 2 - 9/10

The Tomorrow war - 5/10 I honestly didnt even finished this one , is really crappy

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Had a couple short films from the YouTube channel "Alter" playing in the background while I was playing Devil Survivor, including:

  • The Last S√©ance - 6/10
  • Alone Time - 6/10
  • Quarto para Alugar (Room for Rent) - 6/10

They were okay. Alone Time had a nice twist though.

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Jurassic World: Dominion - 4/10

Though I didn't really 'watch it' per se and more like I skipped through the boring parts with uninteresting human characters and obligatory romance sub-plots. God, that line by Alan Grant to Ellie was so cringe. Who wrote this crap?

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