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Can't write noir without a good soundtrack, after all.

Cold claws gripped Maxine’s stomach as the memory of Lily’s pale face returned unbidden to her mind; the memory of gazing down at pallid skin as the nurse lifted the white sheet in that awful white-tiled room. The memory of that beautiful blonde hair lying slack and sodden, soaked with filthy river water. She couldn’t forget the details; the dirt under her cracked fingernails, the bruise discolouring her eye. The bullet holes.


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Daemon Hatfield from IGN is a cool dude who's not only a great presenter and writer but a terrific musician, too. I'm loving his latest single 'Orissa' from his new outfit Color Computer. Nice balance of 80s synths, a rocking' guitar solo, and great lyrics. Perfect summer tune. Check it out: 



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