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Started playing it with a friend of a friend. It's an interesting little game, to be certain. Far from a favorite, but I can kinda see the appeal. In many ways it reminds me of Minecraft, although I admittedly prefer actual Minecraft in some ways.

I've decided to make it my ambition to create a giant spaceship in the sky of my friend's world for me to live in. I plan to base the external design on the Humanoid Science Vessels seen in Stellaris. Since one cannot view the interior of spaceships in Stellaris, I'm gonna wing it with regard to what the interior of the ship looks like. Although I have a pretty good idea where I want the bridge...

After I do all that, I'm gonna create a model of a Protoss Dragoon at ground level. Maybe a small squad of them, even.

And then maybe just build an entire Protoss base, I dunno. I must construct additional pylons regardless.

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