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Last game single player was Kings Bounty: Dark Side . Is kinda like Heroes of Might and Magic without the constructions. I like it much more than Heroes

Now i don't know what single player to play next. Maybe Ghost 1.0

Multiplayer have been Killing Floor 2. Maybe start playing a bit of Street Fighter V too but need to check if not gonna lag , my PC is a core Duo ( SF V single player runs fine )


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The last game that I played was a bit of Fortnite Battle Royale. Just played a bit to catch up on the Battle Pass challenges and the daily challenges. It's weird because I love Red Dead Redemption 2 but haven't even played that for a few days now because of the new Fortnite update which has been great and really exciting.

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The last game that I played was the Crew 2 on PlayStation 4 this morning. Just went for a little drive around the map with a Nissan GTR whilst listening to my Spotify playlist. It's funny because I got the game specifically as a driving game so that I could just relax, drive around whilst listening to my tunes. I don't care one bit about the races or even the online portion of the game :D.

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