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Completed Uncharted 4 and Spiderman's DLC the city that never sleeps. Uncharted's ending was good, I will even dare to say it was the best game of the saga, but only because the game play is better, Uncharted 2 had more epic moments. Spiderman's DLC was really good as well but I feel like it was a miss opportunity to include a much better villain, to be honest hammerhead was very lame and generic.

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Zelda OoT.

But I found out something interesting on another game. For those that are FF8 fans, do you remember that certain items were only available through a PocketStation? Things like a Ribbon, Friendship, and Mogs Amulet? Well in the remaster, they're available through Angelo. When you have Angelo Search he can dig them up. So I turned on the invincibility, and X3 and went into a fight and left it running for the last couple days on my Switch. The only thing I'm missing so far is the Mogs Amulet. I've gotten 3 Friendships and 7 Ribbons so far. It's great. I just turn the brightness down so it doesn't burn the screen. It's pretty sweet. In the guide with the Ribbon, all it said was "Teaches GF Ribbon Ability" and not a damn thing else. And I could never find anything online about what it does. Well, when you equip it, it makes you completely immune to all status changes. So it's definitely worth picking up at least 3 and teaching it to corresponding GF's so that all 3 of your characters have it in battle.

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