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% of time spent on single player vs. multiplayer?

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On this thread, @The Blackangel, @LadyDay and I were talking about how we dread single player games ever potentially going away. I don't think they will, but it is obvious that a lot of devs and publishers would love it if they could for obvious financial reasons.

It got me curious as to what percentage of time most of us here spend on single player versus multiplayer?

When in high school, I spent almost ALL my game time on multiplayer while playing MUDs. But nowadays, it is zero percent of my game time. I do sometimes play LAN games, but not multiplayer games online with strangers.


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I don't touch multiplayer either. I always look at the player requirements when I find a game I'm interested in. If it says single or multi, I'll look further. If it says online multiplayer, I put it back and look at other titles. If multiplayer is your thing, hey knock yourself out. But if you're a single player gamer, then let us stay alive. Just because we want to play by ourselves, instead of on a team with you and 30 people we don't fucking know, doesn't mean we aren't friends. I hate FF7, but if I had to choose between playing it forever or joining an FC in FF14, then I'll go with FF7.

I just have a huge worry that there will be a day where a Zelda game will come out that will be an online multiplayer game. Link is actually dead this time, and the Zelda is calling on all of Hyrule to perform some jackass menial quest to resurrect him, just in time for the next game in the series.

I hope no one from Nintendo sees this post. God forbid I give them ideas, unless that idea is a spiked foot in the ass with a note taped to it saying MORE SINGLE PLAYER GAMES, LESS MULTIPLAYER GAMES.

I know, I'm a bitch.

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Back in High school I used to spend a lot of time on online games like Halo 3, Gears of War and COD, but because of that I missed out on a lot of incredible single player games, I've had an xbox 360 for almost a 9 years now (not the same console ) and only recently this year I played Bioshock and Deadspace for the first time ever. Nowadays I spent most of my time on single player games. 

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