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10 Fun Things To Do in Minecraft When You’re Bored

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This is a fantastic list of options I really like the city building challenges etc, but ideas have got enough to get the mental juices flowing without being overly constricting. My next build is a floating island, I'll be incorporating a few of these ideas into it and the surrounding area. Hopefully some of these end up on the front page of all videos to must see 😛 

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The Isle of Cumbrae has been recreated in the video game Minecraft as part of a project to engage young people with the area's heritage.

Students at Abertay University in Dundee built Cumbraecraft, based on the popular Ayrshire coast tourist destination.

The game features eight lessons aimed at primary school children.

Garrison House, Lion Rock, and Cathedral of the Isles are some of the places featured on the virtual island.Crocodile Rock, the port and the Millport library are also explorable in the game.   

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I love the one about building your own real-life house in the game! I've tried this and it is actually pretty hard to get a perfectly accurate replication. It really does make you think though and it allows your creative side to come out. 

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