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    Hi guys! Check out episode 4 of the VGR Weekly Recap, where Jacob and I discuss the latest console news, the future of Apex Legends, the possibilities of Titanfall 3, and Bethesda's response to pay-to-win criticisms! This is also the first episode to feature video, though as you'll see, we had some issues with sizing and resolution. The problem was being caused by an old monitor which will have been replaced by the time it comes to recording episode 5, so next week should look much, much better! Thanks for bearing with us as we work to make the podcast even better, we really appreciate it! As always, if you have any other feedback, or questions you'd like us to discuss, please leave a comment!
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    With the latest moves in the industry like the whole fragmentation of the PC playerbase with the EGS and Steam?.. I think console gaming will rise once more.
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    Remember that time I had a 3DS with no games on it? Good times.
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    For fans of the movies it is 😆 , if you dont like the movies or if you havent been following them then I wouldn't recommend it. But yeah I almost cried two times with end game.
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    RGR Gaming

    New In VGR town :)

    heyoo guys iam RGR_Gaming or RG both goes 🙂 I am 26 years old and I am new here 😄 hope you all friendly cos i think i am 😛 I am a player of all kind of games from Battlefield to GTA, Forza horizon and many more, so I hope I could fit here and contribute to the forum 😄 I will see you all in the forum and hopefully in my channel 2 😛 One small last thing - i also have a new youtube gaming channel by the name of RGR Gaming https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8VjCCo9njRJuJwZTXqJvXQ
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    PS4 Doesn't Play CDs

    I know we're making a mountain out of an anthill but HOLY SHIT how fucking dare they omit such a staple feature?! Come on Sony!
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    Apex Legends has grown so much lately!
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