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    The Blackangel

    Community Chat #1

    It's been raining all day here. yet still it's booming all over. The thing about the fourth is that people buy so many damn fireworks that takes them over a moth to set all of them off. And I have to listen to this shit literally all night long. It never stops until the tents are down for the year, and people have blown up all their stash. Which usually lasts until the middle of August. So these days I have grown to hate fireworks, and dread the fourth. But I'll be in KC next weekend for Crypticon, so hopefully it will die down a bit after that.
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    Yes 80 dollars sound nice, yes thats the whole point of getting the mini version , if its not cheap enough then I doubt people will buy it.We dont want the issue like with the disc-less Xbox one S, which had a 250 price and you could get an Xbox one S brand new for a lower price than that.
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    It did happened to me with Skyrim, GTA V, a couple of times as well with Halo 3 and Gears 3 from back in the day when I used to play all night online, I remember that at one point I dodged a grenade in my sleep and almost fell down from my bed 🤣 (I did dodged it though )
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    Sonic Franchise

    I would like to see that game 😂
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    For someone like that, I could kind of understand, in that it could be seen as a form of practice for flying real aircraft. Though the person I knew didn’t fly real planes, as far as I new, anyway. But like I said, if you enjoy those games, it’s all good! Different strokes for different folks, I guess.
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    It says silver and gold. It's $30-something with the discount the seller said they'd give me. I plan to buy it for myself as a reward for getting some work-related tasks completed.
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