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  1. I'm happy about that. Back on March-May, when my city was totally in quarantine, I only had to do gaming and Netflix. Of course, after some time, I got bored of my games, and couldn't go to my bank to put money for other stuff.
  2. No, mine's brand new and I'm very satisfied with it.
  3. Not really. I'm one of the calm guys. Of course, my friends are getting mad but, I'm just laughing at them.
  4. Has anyone ever played this? It's one of my childhood games. My friends and I were up all summer nights to catch fish. https://fishao.com
  5. My PC is a gaming one, but can't handle streams.
  6. That's true. They are not entertaining as they were before... Even NFS HP Remastered has a childish cover.
  7. I watch streams, when I'm bored of games or can't afford one. I tried streaming one time, but it was a DISASTER.
  8. Criminal Case. It's one of the most played games on Facebook.
  9. I don't know about you, but everytime I had a problem, I got it solved by e-mail. I had to wait for like 2 business days to answer, but it was worth it.
  10. My answer will be 80% yes. Some games are based to create an art, but other are just for fun & entertainment.
  11. I'll choose Anthem. Even tho, it's based on a story, the game also has Freeroam where you can explore the world, species of animals & many more.
  12. At least, Biden is not like Trump. Let's see how will America be with him.
  13. Sometimes I listen to lo-fi music, and I fall asleep in like 10 minutes. Then I wake up with my phone powered off and the headphones on my ears.
  14. Xbox Series S is just the cheap one. Some of these are desperate to get a console, and because they want to save money, they get this.
  15. It's expensive, but it's worth it and many families love it. The series and movies are really cool, and it has all genres you can imagine.
  16. Dirty Bomb - a rip-off game on Steam
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