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  1. I tried one time Deceit, but after 10 minutes of playing, it decided to just go into the BSOD. After that, the game never wanted to open anymore. Not even, after reinstalling it.
  2. @The Blackangel is totally ruining it. 😆
  3. Hi, Naiwen! We're so happy to have you here.
  4. Got 2 drives. The first one is for OS only. Has a capacity of 111 GB. SPCC Solid State Disk. Second one is for programs, photos, videos etc. Capacity of 931 GB. ST1000DM010-2EP102
  5. Haven't played this in so many years. The last one I played was the 4th one for the PS2. I was playing the game on summer nights, and get so fascinated by it.
  6. @Kane99 The L4D Franchise is virtually. Only the NFS and Gran Turismo, are real.
  7. I bought the game last summer, but I don't regret that I didn't wait until now. My friends can play RL with me after September 23rd. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/news/rocket-league-is-free-to-play-on-epic-games-store-starting-september-23
  8. I love to talk to people, but I always take care before getting with them on a call.
  9. Left 4 Dead Franchise Gran Turismo 4 (PS2) Need for Speed Underground, Most Wanted 2005
  10. Looks like some sort of "Anthem". The game from EA. Might try it.
  11. I cannot see the double-icon problem anymore and the loading circle is back. I like the design, but the bugs were horrible.
  12. Prepare a fort, get some resources and then, leave with a car.
  13. Almost in high school. Thank you!
  14. 1. McDonald's 2. Burger King 3. KFC
  15. Vodafone, but I want to switch after my contract ends.
  16. I've been thinking about Left 4 Dead actually. The game is still popular, and getting updates.
  17. I know this sounds funny, but I almost lost a friendship 3 years ago with someone because of Roblox. I had for the first time robux, and I showed my new avatar to him. He got so mad, because he thought I was bragging. He blocked me, and I was very sad because of it. After 4 days, he came to me and apologized to me because of his reaction and we lived happily ever after :))
  18. Not really. They seem to still have success.
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