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  1. I wish NFS made a brand new movie. Need for Speed: Beginnings was epic!
  2. Hi, ZY! Welcome to VGR! Hope you will have a great time here!
  3. I'll like to watch you playing Among Us, CS:GO and NFS Most Wanted, Payback or Rivals.
  4. At this moment, I'm watching Peter Knetter, Plainrock124 & AutoTopNL It always changes.
  5. I've been having some tests on Unity, but I wasn't so impressed, so I decided to stay on the web design part.
  6. I used to watch Pokemon back when it was on Cartoon Network, but I never had any Pokemon games, toys etc.
  7. I'm always using alcohol. I'm already a master at it. Just be gentle with it.
  8. I've been really thinking about cross-playing. I'm the only one who uses Steam. All of my friends use Uplay and Origin.
  9. These keyboards are just a cosmetic upgrade. Making the gaming experience better. In my opinion, I like these keyboards.
  10. Superhot is quite stressful for me. You have to concentrate A LOT on this game.
  11. The L4D games are on my Steam, and the other games are on wrapping, yes. It's Gran Turismo 4 for the PS2. I don't feel like selling them.
  12. Hi, Naiwen! I just had online classes, and I feel like playing some racing games and drink cola.
  13. I have this game on my Steam acc called Move or Die. Got it last summer. Looks a little bit like Among us, but it's super duper funny. Played with 5 friends, and they all laughed so hard.
  14. I've been thinking about the same game as @skyfire.
  15. This is just what I want. It's just quite realistic.
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