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  1. Article Source: Digital Trends So good news, some games may not cost $70 during the next gen console gen. Take-Two thinks not all games will be priced that, they will go by a title-to-title basis. So yeah, maybe one game will be priced at $70, but their other game could be $60. I call BS on it though. I think once $70 price tags were brought up, more studios will just fall into line with it. Ubisoft says they plan to charge $60 for their games. But who's to say that will last down the line. We could see $70 become the new standard. On top of that, expect them to still throw us micro-transactions and loot crates and all that. What do you think? Will more studios raise their pricing to $70? At least in the US, it will differ all over I imagine.
  2. Have you ever played a game so much, that it eventually broke? I think this has happened for just one game, and it was my first copy of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The inner portion of the disc started to crack, and eventually it just came apart and was rendered useless. It also didn't help I had the original Xbox, and I moved my console slightly and it created a circular scratch on my disc. So that for sure added to it. But, it still worked until the crack happened. 😞 Anyway, what's a game you played so much, you ended up destroying it instead?
  3. Do you guys collect any video game memorabilia? Maybe it's those limited edition sets with a statue, or maybe it's something you got in store. What are some of the gaming memorabilia that you own? I don't own a lot, but I got a SMB3 Poster, Xbox Hat, some figures, amiibos, and some strategy guides. I may have some thing I'm forgetting though. What about you guys?
  4. I've wanted a Dreamcast for years. I remember the feeling I got seeing it in stores, thinking it was so unique and different. Sucks that it didn't do well enough in the States to stick around. Would have liked to see more consoles from Sega.
  5. Oh nothing like account trading/selling. That is against the rules at both sites. The only things you can trade are physical games, or digital codes (not redeemed). Digital codes are sent through email or private messages I imagine, while physical games are sent out through the mail. Some other sites allow you to trade in controllers and other peripherals as well.
  6. Sad thing is, Spider-Man is said to be PlayStation exclusive and won't be on the PC or Xbox One versions. Which kind of sucks because Spider-Man is probably the best of the bunch. Sure I'll take Hawkeye, but I still would like to see Spider-Man on all consoles. 😞
  7. All these free games have to come back and hurt Epic at some point. They can't keep offering free games in the hopes people will jump to their platform. Steam still has more features and a longer history. Plus I heard Epic isn't very trustworthy with their platform as there has been privacy concerns raised before. It's possible it could one day overtake Steam, but I don't see it happening anytime soon.
  8. I thought the trailer was just a cinematic one, but I see now it's like an interactive movie right? Kind of like that Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie on Netflix? Nice to see them doing creative things with adult programming like this.
  9. Many times people have speculated that consoles will eventually stop being made, and will just be another PC. Do you ever thing that PlayStation will stop producing consoles? I personally don't think PlayStation will stop. Could they maybe stop at a certain number? I remember back before the PS2 came out, Sony released some commercials for a PlayStation 9. I remember them vividly, and I don't know if anyone else remembers them. It's clear it's meant to be a joke, but it kind of feels like Sony hopes to one day get to a PlayStation 9. Here's the commercial:
  10. Does anyone here have any unopened games in their collection? Maybe it's a game you never plan to play, or a game you bought and never opened. Maybe it's a game you hope to increase in value. I currently do not own any unopened games. I had a few for a brief time, but it was mainly because they were tossed into my backlog. But, I like to open new things, so I saw them on my shelf and figured why not, so I opened them. Anyway, do you have any rare games still unopened?
  11. The Xbox 360 originally came out with a major fault, and that fault was overheating. The Red Ring of Death (RROD) was an issue many of the original Xbox 360 consoles faced. When it happened, it meant your system was overheated and it needed a break, thing is, it would never go away. Some people found ways of fixing it temporarily, one way (if I remember correctly) was to wrap the Xbox 360 in a towel while it's on and let it go. Supposedly it's supposed to re-heat some thermal paste, and in turn bring it back, but those who did it, still ended up seeing the dreaded RROD again. Anyway, did you guys ever deal with this problem? I had to send in my 360 for multiple repairs because of it. All of course, was free since Microsoft had to repaid any consoles that had the RROD problem. So, I ended up sending multiple Xbox 360s in for repair over that time frame. I hated it so much, but, it stopped as soon as I purchased the slim model. Did you deal with the RROD? How did you handle it?
  12. I love collecting video game controllers. I have a bunch of them in a bin for various consoles. But what I most like to collect are the exclusive/special edition controllers. I have a bunch on the 360, Xbox One, PS2, PS4 and so on. I also have a bunch of N64 controllers lying about as well as third party controllers. Do you guys like to collect controllers? What's your most prized possession?
  13. I don't usually watch Esports, but I know it's increasing popularity and I know many of the teams out there are quite famous. I sadly don't know many of the teams out there. I'm aware of teams like the FaZe clan and maybe a few others, but my knowledge on it is limited. With that being said, what are your favorite Esports teams? Do you have just one favorite? Maybe it's a player? Or, is there a team you can't stand? I know some Esports teams can be cocky and think they're the best in the world. Do you dislike some Esports teams? If so, which ones?
  14. This looks like a ton of fun. Kind of reminds me of overwatch in a way. I think a lot of devs are trying to go for that feel I think. It's free to play. 🙂
  15. I think you can go into private lobbies in COD, but I don't know if you can play with bots in any of the new ones. I remember Black Ops had a training mode type thing where you could play against bots and stuff. As for couch co-op or split screen, most games no longer do it due to online multiplayer. But, I thought the newer cods still supported that. Unless I'm completely wrong.
  16. That's a lot of games. I'm going to have to make a list of all the games I've yet to play in my backlog. I'm just too lazy lol.
  17. I've utilized craigslist in the past. Not a fan of meeting people to buy something though, it always weirds me out lol. But, if I see something I really want, I'll go for it. It's the same with Facebook marketplace, that's also an option and on there some people ship.
  18. There was many rumors of Xbox trying their hand at handhelds around the time the PSP and again when the PS vita came out, but Xbox never jumped into the fray. Do you think that Microsoft will ever produce a handheld gaming console? I remember hearing in the past that they weren't interested, but times change. Do you think they will ever make a handheld console? Or will their focus be on PC and console?
  19. Does anyone here frequent any game trading sites? I've only known of a few myself, one that comes to mind is gametz. Another is Leaptrade and I know there was a few others, but I think they've all since closed shop. The only two that I am aware of still being active is the ones I mentioned. If you guys know of any others worth checking out, please do let me know. I'm considering trying facebook and other type of sites for their marketplaces.
  20. I'm sure most of us have a pretty decent collection of video games lying around, either it be physically in your collection, or a digital collection. How many games would you say are still awaiting you to play them? How many are in your backlog? I have a fair amount on Steam, well over hundreds of games that I never played, or never plan to even. I have less physical games, but I do have a lot that I've yet to play. I'd say I have well over 50 games I have yet to play, if not more. What about you? What's your backlog of games like?
  21. This is cool. According to Uproxx, The Last of Us show that will be coming out on HBO, is planned to go more into detail about what happens after the first game. This means we'll get to see more Joel and Elle. I know some people hated the second game because of its story, and I can see why some hated it. But this should hopefully make up for some of it. What do you guys think? Will you watch the show? Article here: Uproxx
  22. Well, people make money for weirder things. Eports has been an ever growing medium, and I suspect it will only continue to grow. Just look at the amount of people who watch esports. Even ESPN airs esports these days. Back 10 years ago, I wouldn't have even believed it possible, but here we are.
  23. I see your guy's points on 2K, and I agree. The NBA 2K franchise has been an utter mess of micro-transactions, loot crates and so on. I just wonder if visual concepts are making it. If so, it might be good. But who knows if the same people that were there in 2004 are still there. But, I am still hopeful they will release something good. But, I'm also not getting my hopes up either.
  24. I would like to see the first three 3D GTA games remade and or remastered. So III, Vice City and San Andreas. I think those in a package together would be awesome. But not just a remastered version, but all of them revamped with new controls and maybe even new voice acting and missions. Maybe even through in IV, but I can see Rockstar releasing that one separate.
  25. I think I'd have to second the Super Nintendo, mainly because it approved upon the NES in many ways and had better games overall imo. NES was great, but it wasn't perfect. That or the PS2 for how many games it has.
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