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  1. Which is the better of these games? There was a Demon's Souls on ps3 and a new one for the ps5. Dark Souls has 3 titles and then there is Bloodborne. The only game I played out of these was Bloodborne and it was very hard so I stopped. Which do you think is the easiest and hardest and better gameplay or most interesting? I want to eventually get back into Bloodborne, but Dark Souls 3 looks good. I also have Sekiro, but haven't tackled that yet and I heard that is hardest. But I am interested in the Souls lore. Any input on any of these games and comparisons?
  2. I want the Witcher 3 card game Gwent with all cards and board.
  3. I remember a book called The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron growing up. There was an expression called 'fill the well'. Don't confuse with 'feel the whale'. People would always laugh when I said it. But filling the well is when you MUST go outside and just observe nature, relax, do something new, and just rejuvenate yourself somehow. Also they use something called the 'morning pages' where you write down anything that comes to mind. Not really a journal, but just absolutely ANYTHING. This helps with any art. It works its magic by helping you find answers and just freeing blocks.
  4. Yeah, I'm aiming towards just finishing the story then go on to Hearts of Stone. I'll be at a higher level then, but at the point I'm at, it just doesn't make sense to stop and do a DLC that I could do after. I don't even know what Hearts of Stone is about, just read that it really doesn't matter the order. Was hoping someone here finished the story and DLC, but I think I'll hit the gong first. Or bong
  5. I had to look up myself, but it's the one hit execution with a pistol. Run at them, grab, shoot dead point blank. There is a way using the torch too, but I found the shot execution works good. Can't recall the blade; I haven't reached that point.
  6. Can you imagine if they played broken movies at the theatre opening night? Then they have to edit it and have a better version a few weeks later at the theatre. If a movie can hold out to release a finished product, no excuse for a game not to. If they need to hire 1000 people to play the games through as a trial version like drug test subjects would, then so be it. Or have 1000 volunteers. How many people usually play the trial game? Are these people doped up and think a broken game is a far out intentional thing? Do they send it off to child-labor-ville and have their games approved there?
  7. I'm at that point; getting close to the end. I know that it really doesn't matter which order to play it as long as you have level 31, but I was wondering if anyone has a preference to finish main story then Hearts of Stone, or play it before finishing the main story. Problem is, if I continue with the main story and finish it I will be well over level 31 which Hearts of Stone recommended level for playing is 31. Which is best as far as the flow of the story?
  8. Yes it does defeat the purpose. I started leveling up too fast in Odyssey. But since they increased the skill level to 99 before I was even at 50 made it all ok. The enemy skill level usually stays around the same as mine. But for other games, a boost in XP could offset quest levels.
  9. Wanking Simulator- ahahaaha; I bet that one takes time getting used to
  10. There is an easy way to slay a zombie when you are outnumbered. You have to practice it, but you grab the zombie and kill it one hit very quick. I started playing around Halloween; need to get back to it.
  11. Yes, you get a good experience that way. Many times I like things to be orderly cause maybe I might miss a treasure somewhere or whatever, but then-hey! forget that. I'm gonna go with it and run!!! Been having a good experience that way. Many times it will takes me somewhere else, and run some more, do some fighting, and man-how did I get here? Even if I know I can slay a beast, sometimes it's just fun to run and have it chase me.
  12. The Last of Us 2 got a bunch of awards and game of the year. Didn't the first one also get a GOTY? Pretty outstanding. If Santa doesn't bring it on christmas, then I'm gonna shake down an elf.
  13. Sometimes it's good to wait till they come out with a deluxe version of the game that includes things like that. That's what I have for Odyssey. Just a few months ago Odyssey had an update where they increased the maximum skill level to 99. It was at 50 when the game came out 2 years ago. And every week you can do special quests to get orichalcum for a legendary item you normally would have to pay for. So those perks are worth waiting for. But I'm sure the newer Valhalla probably has it's own perks like community events and special deals. Plus if you wait most of the glitches will be worked out. So I guess getting newer games as opposed to waiting both have positives and negatives.
  14. Huh, I never thought about that. You are right
  15. Stores are to blame too for not capping the number of units sold at each purchase or account. If they did, there would be plenty to go around till it gets sold out. Then the manufacturer should have that covered and more on the way in a month or so. Bad business all the way around. The ps5 isn't a collectible and limited production. They didn't anticipate a sell out? Scalpers would be pointless if another shipment was on the way. Or maybe the new system is practice launch to see how it runs? No other excuse to not anticipate a high demand and not have more on the way.
  16. I love Hematite too. That's what got me started collecting in the first place because I was looking for a Hematite necklace and stumbled into the world of the unknown. Hematite is supposed to have a lot of grounding energy and protect against emf from electronics if you believe in that stuff. I do believe they hold certain energies that really is unknown to us. But if lead can block radiation, then Hematite can block emf's or electro magnetic frequencies from electronics.
  17. One of my favorite pizzas is pineapple with Canadian bacon! Now that I think of it, it's past due to get one.
  18. Cultural psychology needs to be taught in schools at every grade level. I took the class in college and learned a great deal from it. Racism is embedded in all sorts of things. Minorities are demonized in commercials, shows, movies, cartoons, news, and books. People are constantly exposed to these things and even more so in different communities. I watched many videos from that class that showed many examples. It was a long time ago so I can't recall what they are now. Very interesting subject and much needed in schools.
  19. At least listen to Deep For Life and Blac Monks. Please listen the whole way through. Don't let me down. Even if you don't like rap, just listen. I grew up with this music. DJ Screw came out too. Fuck Houston; At least they had a time of the best rap music 1995.
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