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  1. Those pictures look real! Sucks it doesn't have much ship battles, but I've read the map is a little larger than Odyssey and without the open waters which leaves lots of exploration. Did you feel there was a lot of ground to cover? To me all that exploration seems it would be fun and many sights to see. I guess they decreased the gear availability and switching out, which I loved in Odyssey. Interesting about the side stories. Do you feel the stories were an improvement from Odyssey?
  2. I don't like harming rock trolls in Witcher 3. They are usually innocent and kill only when provoked in their own territory. Most of the time you can talk to them. And it's funny the way they talk.
  3. When I first started playing RDR2 I was in a town and couldn't stop my horse and ran a guy over. The law went after me and next thing I know I'm killing the whole town. Oops. They ended up killing me anyways. All I wanted was a stroll through the town.
  4. What exactly is modding in games? Is that something only for computer gaming?
  5. With the threat of fascism around the world, be very mindful of the consequences of allowing the education department dictate what movies or games that they expose to kids. The world has changed. This isn't the world fresh off the fight from WW2 anymore.
  6. I also have a collection of garbage pail kids. Remember those? I used to walk home from school, stop at ice cream truck, and get a pack of garbage pail kids and pink panther bubble gum ice cream. I had a long walk home. I then stopped at 711 and got a slurpie. After that I crossed the desert to get home. No lie. This was Vegas in the 80's. My GPK includes Trumpocracy and Trumpocracy Disgrace to the White House from 2016-2020. Awesome stuff. I'll post some pics of it.
  7. What is holding back from having a system with 5tb storage? Your penie head surface area can hold 5tb microchip surface area. So any system can carry 100 tb storage easily. No? Tell that to Your mommas a nun inc. She might be flabbergasted
  8. Well, you mentioned Assassins Creed for a very good reason. That game needs to be respected as an open world game at its finest. And Odyssey is my favorite game by far simply for exploration. I don't even care about the story for that game. If the story was amazing, that game would be a masterpiece and completely unbeatable. You know a lot about 80's games which makes me think you are older. Those games I miss because it always constantly progresses in a story. You reach another level in another environment. Progression is the key I think you miss. I love it too when a game progresses smoothly. God of War and Uncharted are just two good ones in a quick thought.
  9. NO; that is begging for government intervention. If the education department utilizes a video game, the government helps education, and fatty slabs the video game department. "Hi, How are you." Next thing you know government is using video games for their purposes. And we come back to a post asking if video games cause violence. In government hands... Yes it does
  10. If your game is stressing you out, move on to another. The whole purpose is to enjoy and entertain, not succumb into a forced repetitive cycle.
  11. I suck at using side weapons and grenades or potions; bombs. I like to save things for a big battle unrealizing my scrap was when I should have annihilated them using bombs. And further down the line I realize I could of had fun using the big stuff because there is plenty supply of it. Older games you found a nuke and cradled that fucker till the final boss. I'm mixed up in the 80's games and the 2020 games.
  12. Buckle your mental belt. This is a trippy game. It's a library top shelf; mirror back; lighting; top display.
  13. Deal expired, locking thread Wasn't into buying games without disc before, but I see some deals. Alien Isolation is now cheap; I've been wanting for a while; I bought Layers of Fear last month and will be another topic. Little Nightmares is an interest and Dragon Age Inquisition is a good price. Till Dec 23. Do you see games you want for sale? Modorator Edit (Redundant). Thread re-opened. This really is a steel, but you gotta be quick. Alien Isolation: The Collection Playstation Store $7.99 Ends 12/23/20
  14. Here is a take of a song from the show Good Lord Bird. This song they began singing before the battle of Harpers Ferry. It's called Wayfaring Stranger. I don't know who the original singer is.
  15. Well, it looks like a better game than Fallout 4
  16. You people are full of shit; One man swinging an axe will make you call the cops and cower in the dirty grass. Every one of you will scream out once that long axe sways upon your legs. Who do you think you are? Not living in reality; that's for sure. Dumb answer being a vegetable. typical from a frog slinging tongue.
  17. Come and take away my freedom of speech. Come and attack voting rights. You have your soldiers fledging. Our soldiers are full fledged.
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