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  1. I thought Bioshock 1 was creepier then Infinite, so that environment for me told it well to watch my step. But Infinite sure did set it well too. Unique games. Horror games have to have that. Would be weird to be playing sims, then all of a sudden a demon rushes you.
  2. Morality is a very interesting subject when it comes to deities and things we can't possibly understand. But there is a universal rule. That is when pitched against unfathomable decisions, do what causes the least amount of suffering. But maybe that doesn't hold true at all. Mortals that can't see the future will do what they think is right at the time, but a deity will have a different standard if they can see the future, or even if they have a better understanding of humans over a span of thousands of years since a deity probably has witnessed man's existence from the beginning. All humans know is a short written history manipulated by man and time. I can't think of a game where morality is held to a different system. But definitely gonna think on it.
  3. The Suffering Fatal Frame Mercenaries Destroy All Humans-Remaster doesn't cut it
  4. Prince of Persia Sands of Time remake is in the works. Looking forward to that too
  5. A hero in the 'eye of the beholder' reminds me of the Assassin's Creed games. In Origins, Bayek takes revenge on those that killed his son and defeats corruption in the process. He is sworn to protect the people. In Odyssey, Kassandra is looking for her mother and has to defeat an evil cult, but the game doesn't really emphasize to protect the people. She even has conversations with the philosopher Socrates about killing. Is an assassin justified for killing as long as the corrupted is among the victims? Maybe that is neither hero or anti-hero. But just simply a selfish act of vengeance. So true
  6. Innocence is that natural instinct until we are plagued by ideologies and the environment around us. You are right that a hero is in the 'eye of the beholder' meaning even villains can be someone's hero. Just like someone who thinks they are a patriot but wants to enslave others, or a rebel that's wants genocide, or a hero that fights for pro slavery, a hero I refer to as being one has to uphold integrity and morality. And who am I to say what that is? Exactly My point is, I think that siding with a criminal in a game shows that being a criminal doesn't mean they are automatically cut off from having the capacity in heroism. Would it forgive the things a criminal does if he does something heroic? Probably not, but you have to weigh it in at least. But if a criminal could still have potential heroism in them, then someone upholding the law could pervert heroism. I guess we really don't know until a situation arises that clearly divides us into being either a coward, hero, or villain. Those three characteristics are probably in all of us interchangeably depending on what situation we find ourselves in. But a villain in attack mode is way more obvious. Choices you make in the game could also define your character a little more too. I remember in True Crime Streets of LA you are a cop that chooses whether to be a good cop or bad cop. Lines are easily crossed. Referring to The Walking Dead again, one of the characters was on his way to prison for murder when it all happened, and he became such a lovable character. So our human nature can turn, whatever direction that is. I guess nothing is set in stone. But when we need some good, heroes will rise. I won't judge if they happen to be a criminal.
  7. For whatever console you have, what themes are your favorite that you use? On my ps4 I only have God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, which it is currently set on. I like the music. I'm looking to get some more and just came across some Witcher themes.
  8. Honor-that is the key. Spot on with that one. Reminds me of Witcher 3 when Geralt, who slays monsters, was asked to get involved in politics and help kill a king. He said he doesn't kill kings. He's said that on multiple occasions actually. And he only kills when necessary. Not all monsters deserve to die that were demonized by villagers that provoked the monster.
  9. Did you play as female or male? Supposedly you can alternate between the two any time. Is that true?
  10. They have a Vahalla coat now. Think I'll braid my beard for next Halloween and get me some hatchets!
  11. So, I got the game; what do I do now? Are they going to update the game with fixes? Sell a different version of the game? Play it and hope?
  12. That is true Out of all those war games, shooting games, villains in games, etc.; they are a reflection of human nature and all the violence we cause in real life as if it's perfectly normal to assume there is always conflict. Even if human nature always fails in not letting evil gain power, we also never fail to have our share of heroes. In games usually it's one person or a select few, which in real life it also seems the heroes are few, but they are among us at times we need them most. Human natures always has conflict; conflict needs balance; heroes are that balance. And they can't prevent every mess; things get worse before they get better; But sometimes be proud we have those among us that nobody even knows yet, has a hero stirring in their heart. Sometimes only tragedy can awaken that hero. They are among us. Games in general usually portray a hero as huge, or a knight, superhuman, some kind of commando etc. And it almost seems a person has to be that way to take on all the evil. In real life we wish we had those heroes at the ready. It seems so far away and almost fantasy to hope for someone to come to the rescue. Playing games give us that 'fight for the good!' We have a natural instinct to want to do what is right. But human nature blurs our minds with all its poison and blinds that natural instinct. So a hero is just as natural as a villain. Whereas villains are constantly attacking, we see more of them, till heroes rise.
  13. Any game that has different endings or consequences from the choices you make.
  14. That's pretty interesting; I've never heard of it before. What kind of game would they actually make out of it? What if they can add jump scares as you walk through your home or the woods while wearing a headset? Now that would be somethin!!! Other than that or maybe a sport, I think it would be limited. Unless they can have it more of a personalized game where you can go anywhere you want and take a video, whether at the nude beach or Rome, and integrate the feed into a game. But if you wanted 50 hours of gaming, you would need to record 50 hours of video. Or maybe my beak is flapping like a hungry duck.
  15. The Walking Dead game series had a lot to do with human nature or their struggles with morality and against each other about as much if not more so than the zombies. Under certain circumstances, anyone can change and become 'the threat' to survivors whether in their own group or on the road. Trust, decision making, leadership, competence, integrity and morality and many other qualities are presented in the game. Even though it's just a game, it makes me think about those real behaviors in people and how they would act in crisis mode including my own self. We all think we are fully capable of handling situations but we never truly know. And it's weird to think about family and friends. Everything you know about them; how will they react with a group of people in a desperate survivor mode? Is someone very controlling who may want to dictate the group and not listen to everybody's input? Is someone a coward and throw you under the bus? Is someone immoral and may steal food, drugs, or supplies? Is someone a showoff who may murder to look tough? Is someone fearful and paranoid that may ultimately harm another first in false judgement? Is someone super quiet and self isolates from the group who creates distrust? Are you surrounded by man dogs that would take another's innocence? Or is there someone that you know you can count on?
  16. Alien Isolation and Dead Space 2. Interesting to play two scary space ship games back to back.
  17. I'm thinking about getting the book series. Is it different from the game? I've been reading The Witcher comic series and enjoy it. The entire comic is free here for anyone interested: https://comiconlinefree.net/comic/the-witcher-omnibus
  18. That was a hard game. Took lots of memory skills.
  19. Yeah I recently downloaded the game from playstation store and it had a bug in it... hahaha Naw, it really did though. A scene when the room goes all black I couldn't find my way out and I walked around forever and ever in pitch black. I looked it up and it was a bug. There was supposed to be a way out, but not for me. Luckily it was at the end of a chapter. Just had to log off and back on and it started me at the beginning of the next ch. where I needed to be. Are bugs common in downloaded games?
  20. I just did agree to disagree If you want to discuss this under politics section, then I'll be happy to discuss that topic with you.
  21. You are right that we should't underestimate Nazis. But we also shouldn't hold them to such high prestige in intelligence. It takes more to see wrong and stand for human integrity than it does to follow or give in to obvious immorality. What we should not underestimate is their intentions and how far their evil can go. As far as games, most shooter games don't get in depth in stories. I don't know what kind of intelligence they should grant Nazis in games. I always see them having high tech. Should every WW2 game show scenes of the Holocaust? Should Vietnam war games depict civilians getting slaughtered? Should modern era war games depict what terrorists do to their victims? I think if a game did go into detail it would create backlash on many sides. Maybe we do need to be reminded. But I don’t think you can keep politics out of games if you stir up the hornets and bees. As far as anti fascists go, we can agree to disagree about who are the ones repeating history.
  22. Yeah it's pretty amazing that rats can get into anything, climb almost anything, swim, build nests out of anything. They are survivors and pretty intelligent. There are a lot of wild rats where I live by the woods and yes they get into everything. I wonder how different wild vs tame rats are. I know that a tame rabbit can't produce babies with a wild rabbit. And wild hogs grow large tusks compared to tame ones. They all really do have unique personalities. There is a squirrel I have been feeding outside for a couple months now. There are other ones that also come around to get some food and they all look exactly alike. But that one I can always tell which it is by its behavior. It will stretch out on a branch and watch me, and seems comfortable around me, not so much yet to hand feed it. I haven't really bothered with that though. Other squirrels don't hang around for long and always do certain things that I know is not my squirrel friend. But that same one will run down a branch and make a noise for me to feed it sometimes when I open my door.
  23. I got to thinking about that. I can’t think of a way for it to be possible to see or hear the thoughts in a brain and relay it on a computer screen. I think it is possible to mentally press buttons on a controller or pad wired to your brain, but to look at the screen of a game and mentally move the character w/o any sort of buttons connected to the brain is beyond reasoning that I can think of. And if we could, then forget about mentally playing a game, at that point we could read the minds of animals and other humans. I can see how we could cause the brain to make movements, create any function the brain does from a panel somewhere else, but to process an image in a person's mind onto a screen and vice versa instantaneously to play a game would be capable of mind reading too.
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