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  1. Do you remember Black on PS2? Might be outdated now, but I thought that was pretty good.
  2. Last Call of Duty I played was on ps2. I don't want to play every title, just one that is pretty good. Something that has a broad range of things. Does anyone recommend a title? Ps3 or Ps4 is good. Is the money worth it? Seems most games are short.
  3. I actually played that more than the original RDR. Think I'm gonna give it another shot! Forgot about that game. Dang it! One more on my inny minny miny moe list!
  4. I hear that, but I don't even have a twitter or facebook account. In my hay days I would have been thrown in prison if I did. 🤪🤡 Revolution! 👊 Not a bad idea though
  5. I wish they had that function when I was a kid. Can you imagine looking back at all your gaming pics decades later? I've only played one other game that has photo capabilities which was Monster Hunter World. But even that was limited.
  6. That's cool! I love taking screen shots to save for the memories. Imgur looks like a good one. It's fun to see what others have pics of too. Especially the newer Assassins Creed games since you can edit your photos in game. They should develop that ability for every game to be able to capture an image at any moment and have 360 view, zoom in or out.
  7. Golden Eye 007 in Nintendo 64. I was hard to beat in the player vs player mode. It was also the last game I played for many years. Before that I remember Kid Chameleon.
  8. Tell grandpa his gambling is for kids. And smack that crossword puzzle away from grandma. No more sweets either. How the table flips.
  9. The atmosphere looks cool and the gear. I'm always sketchy about shoot em ups.
  10. Holy smokes! $130 on eBay. Well, dip me in gold, spank my heiny and call me unicorn.
  11. I just came across this game for the ps4. Looks good. Anyone else play it? They made Layers of Fear too.
  12. That's another ball game to use actual footage and shape it into a game. Imagine soldiers wearing body cams in real time battles and putting that in a game. Whoah. Or actual murder scenes, morgues, operations in hospitals, or animals slaughtered. Ever watched the movie Faces of Death? Sick stuff.
  13. That's like saying singing in Karaoke you have to pay royalties. They haven't changed any instruments or sounds, just word for word. A streamer also hasn't changed anything, just built in gameplay.
  14. I'm gettin closer to the end of the main story I think. Still have tons of unexplored areas though. I had a hunch I was getting close and still had a bunch of quests to do so I looked up if I went ahead with the main story, would I lose those quests? Sure enough, if I want the whole experience I've got to finish other quests or lose them forever. Just a heads up. Doesn't seem too long cause I'm really enjoying it. I think it's all the side quests that make the main story seem too long. Even those are all good and unique too. Even if you can't get into it, give it another chance. Glad I stuck it out. One of the top of my list in favorite games. Also, if you end up getting sound issues like the music not playing, there is a fast travel bug that seems to be common. So fast travel to Skellige and see if it works. If not, close the game application and start up again. WTF?
  15. I never played Shadow of the Colossus on ps2 so it's hard to compare, but I have it on the ps4. The controls seem a bit sluggish. Picture looks amazing and hard to believe it was a game for the ps2. So if you are looking for a quicker response from the controller, I wouldn't count on it.
  16. VR can also be for thrill seekers and not just for emotional desires. I tried a roller coaster game in VR and my senses perceived it as real, making me lose balance and I would have fallen if I didn't kneel down. And that was just using a headset with no mechanical simulation. That's how real it all seemed to me. I'm pretty sure the military and astronauts use virtual reality to learn how to operate machinery, so that photorealism and simulation is already here.
  17. I've had an electric storm blow out my ps3 and I lost all game data. It happened earlier this year but I have another ps3 now. And because of that I recently started giving Mass Effect 2 another try and some other games including Dead Space 2. I got really far in Dead Space 1 and lost all of that. I have two ps4 consoles and recently backed up everything on the 2nd one. Not playing around any more. I even save what I can on external hard drives and keep updating it every week.
  18. Anyone download the new update yet? I'm just sitting here waiting and can't login to the network anymore since I haven't downloaded the update.
  19. I sure can go for a bucket of chicken. Did you know the colors yellow, orange, and red stimulate appetite?
  20. Someone suggest the ps4 cause I don't have a gaming computer. I've been eyeballing that game for a long time. Not sure I'm ready for it yet, because I still have to beat Witcher 3. Hmm, ps5 maybe?
  21. I'm not a huge fan of the game, but Metal Gear Solid Phantom Pain had an excellent opening in the hospital and all the chaos. That was epic.
  22. Definitely The Walking Dead. Just recently I had to stop and think about a situation in Witcher 3: Kill 5 guys to save one life, but that one life will allow a monster to kill a villager as a sacrifice whenever it needs it. OR Let the guys kill the one, and the monster won't have its sacrifice and will hunt whenever it wants. Doesn't look like there's a win to me. I chose to save the one guy and killed the 5 because he was unarmed against 5. And the monster will have its appetite fulfilled instead of going on a rampage.
  23. Oh man!!! I loved that game. Nobody ever mentions it. I played it a lot a lifetime ago. The Earth flipped 30 times since I probably played it last. How in the world did you think of that one? The days of cracker jacks and bubble tape gum.
  24. Well, if someone disses how your girlfriend looks, you get mad right? If someone disses a game you like and others follow, then reviews for the game go pretty low. And for some reason there are excellent games out there with unfavorable reviews. So that bad publicity can change the direction in making a sequel to that game. That's why some can get irritated. For example, Assassins Creed I love in this generation, but many say it has run its course because they like the older ones. That makes me worry that they might cut back on future plans. Public opinion matters. And public opinion is never a love story.
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