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  1. Burn after reading if you want. Please answer you question first when you post one. That shows you aren't afraid of your opinion, and it helps for others to post too. For example...What is your favorite game? Mine is so and so. At least try to if not such a controversial subject. Should we start trolling people and say-you first at every topic?
  2. I am doing my own reboot and playing Dead Space 2. It is just ok till ch. 5 then it all kicks in hard. In DS 1 I got to ch. 8 and electric storm blew my system. So I will finish 2, go back to 1, then 3. This is a series that is one of the best. Sucks internal failure stopped such brilliance in its continuity. All these remasters are laughable compared to what a Dead Space remaster would be.
  3. I have contemplated that myself over the years. It would make sense in my rock collection to have a certain number of high value beautiful display worthy specimens, but in my GI Joe collection, I have gotten carried away getting as many figures as I can. But it also brings nostalgia from being a kid playing with them. And now they are worth something. I first started collecting mineral specimens because a girlfriend made me a health nut and tumbled stones in jewelry bring good energy and all that. I saw all these cool looking stones and I became mesmerized. And when I finally saw crystals in its natural state. That was a calling for me. I love all the beauty as well as science behind it. I should have been a geologist. I don't know one person that collects mineral specimens. So that's quite unique. I hope some of you post some pics of your stuff!
  4. This is Halite. It is pure salt crystals. Salt crystals in its natural state form cubes. Same thing we sprinkle on food and cook with. Cool huh
  5. While that is true, I believe some major things can happen during our generation or the one after. First effects of us messing with nature's DNA and the large use of pesticides is that we will lose biodiversity that plants need to survive. And the pesticides create super bugs that will annihilate major crops. Top that off with the decreased bee population to pollinate due to those pesticides and plants that don't produce fertile seeds. That will have a major impact on the global food supply as well as wildlife and insects. That's the first and most immediate stage that I believe we will see happen.
  6. Tonight I'm getting Alien Isolation The Collection for $8. I never seen a cheaper price.
  7. I wasn't referring to us as being parasites philosophically because scientifically we are like parasites. We are somewhere between a multicellular organic parasite and a simple viral parasite. The host of a virus is a cell where the virus attacks the DNA and changes it to provide the function of the virus. Earth is that cell on a much larger scale. Humans populate that Earth 'cell' and change its DNA for our purposes such as modifying foods, animals, insects, and other humans. We have only begun to see the scope of what our future will hold by changing the natural DNA functions. So a host doesn't have to produce its own food as long as a virus is considered a parasite. And I don't believe every other organism are parasites that aren't already classified as one because they aren't out there genetically modifying things or leaking hazardous wastes into the environment they live in. That is more of a philosophical parasite.
  8. Traveling happens when a player takes more than 2 steps. Traveling is also when a player puts his palm facing upward towards the ceiling while underneath the ball during dribbling, as if to scoop the ball. While dribbling the hand should always be on top or side of ball. Also traveling happens if a player with the ball loses control of it without it touching another player and he runs to get the ball back in his hands and starts dribbling again. Traveling happens if you shoot the ball and miss the backboard and the rim and still get the ball back again. But that is controversial. Traveling happens when you stop dribbling with the ball in your hand and your pivot foot moves. Traveling happens when you have the ball while player is on the ground and get up to dribble and move again.
  9. As a super power, the USA has fallen behind in the world in helping its citizens during coronavirus. The government has deliberately let the virus get out of control for 2 reasons: 1: to use as warfare against major U.S. cities which are largely democratic hoping to spur on deaths before the election to help the chances of rural swing states to get a majority vote; 2: to sabotage a democratic presidency in case of a republican loss. Most coronavirus relief went to corporations and hand pick companies due to conflicts of interest. Farmers got 3 bailouts now due to a trade war with China that never should have happened. The government has refused in their own words on camera to help citizens any more with stimulus whether it be a check or unemployment extensions. I'll be surprised if a second stimulus is passed to help struggling people and not corporations. But it would have to be passed by going around trump's veto. Cause we all know that guy won't pass it unless his personal interests get some of the money.
  10. I like to watch Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC. I feel bad for those that have to report American politics covering all the corruption daily. It really takes a toll psychologically. Proud of them for doing their jobs and covering the facts.
  11. A good company has a profit sharing program. That is something to look for while applying to that job. If people aren't flocking to that company for a job, then the company benefits package will change accordingly. We the people have all the power. Unfortunately, companies hire interns for cheaper pay and promise of a permanent job for people that want experience so they accept lower benefits/wage in companies. Any bill that gives companies a tax break should include profit sharing to its employees, but a good company would do it regardless. The capitalistic system is infected as a whole and any program to help decrease the gap between rich and poor is called socialism by the corporate elite who lobby the government for their backwards interest all in the name of 'trickle down' economics which is a pyramid scheme.
  12. You can't force people to do things they don't want to do or it backfires. They should be rewarded with studying. You should show interest in their studies too and help motivate them. Make index cards to test them on subject matter, but make it fun; never a burden! Use positive reinforcement by rewarding with take out food, new video game, clothes, or small allowance. Show them that when you work for something you get rewarded. Bring them out of the room and to the dinner table with the index cards. I don't think disciplining really works. Rewarding has a stronger affect.
  13. The only things I can think of that may be issues are weight gain if you aren't active or don't play active games; decreased social life (that may have already been a factor and gaming is the effect); decreased Vit D levels; strange sleeping pattern if you stay up all night gaming. These aren't necessarily restricted to gaming because the same issues can come from watching tv or surfing the internet; or any indoor profession behind a computer.
  14. I think if they made an incredible story and side quests that would hint you in which direction to go first, it would be a masterpiece. I'm pretty happy with Origins and Odyssey. But if they had a really good story with great cut scenes and dialog then AC would be unbeatable. Add Witcher 3 quests into AC and wham bam, thank you mam.
  15. Yep, I left it in sleep mode and kept checking throughout the day for 3 days for the update and around 2 days for the game download. It even shows on the download time it say 99+ hours to download, but took almost a week for the game install then update install after. My RDR2 also malfunctioned twice. It said I had to reinstall because of corruption after playing the game for many hours. And the reinstall took the same time. But the second time it said corrupted I deleted the app and not gonna install it again. So I don't play it anymore. I have a second ps4 I keep as a backup. And when I installed RDR2 on that one it took the same amount of time. The storage transfer wouldn't work between the two ps4's because my internet was too slow I guess. So that's why I installed it manually on the second ps4. I haven't tried playing it on the second ps4.
  16. You know why they can't win lawsuits against games for causing violence? It's because it's not integrated in schools. At least I never heard of any win against games in court. Simulation games could be good in schools, but it's not really new. I remember playing math computer games on apple computer in school. But as soon as that simulation game has one motion of violence, there could be the first win against gaming. You would think everything is approved by the board on what media they show kids. But I have read many news stories where assignments are deliberately racist. How does such things get approved? So don't you think in a time like this where kids are at home during a pandemic that an idiot teacher won't assign an unapproved violent game to their kids if games were integrated in education? Even if the teacher was held responsible if a child committed an act of violence, just seems it opens the door even more to blame video games.
  17. I have satellite in the country and takes a couple days to download disc. Keep in mind you have a major update too as soon as the disc is downloaded. That took me another 3 days.
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